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2019-04-21AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"The Good News About Jesus"Acts 8:26-40 2019-04-21.mp3 37.20 mb0:40:37
2019-04-14AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Intent"Acts 8:1-252019-04-14.pdf 2019-04-14.mp3 54.79 mb0:59:50
2019-04-07AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"The Tragedy of an Unexamined Life"Acts 72019-04-07.pdf 2019-04-07.mp3 49.35 mb0:53:53
2019-03-31AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"The Cost"Acts 6:8-152019-03-31.pdf 2019-03-31.mp3 51.28 mb0:56:00
2019-03-24AMChad Holmgren, Associate PastorActs - 2018"Serve the Word, Serve Tables"Acts 6:1-7 2019-03-24.mp3 31.66 mb0:34:34
2019-03-17AMDave Dunham, Associate PastorActs - 2018"Motivated by God"Acts 5:12-42 2019-03-17.mp3 33.93 mb0:37:03
2019-03-10AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Glory-Thief"Acts 5:1-112019-03-10.pdf 2019-03-10.mp3 47.77 mb0:52:10
2019-03-03AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"What's Mine is Yours"Acts 4:32-372019-03-03.pdf 2019-03-03.mp3 45.08 mb0:49:14
2019-02-24AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"What Are You Praying For, Anyway?"Acts 4:23-312019-02-24.pdf 2019-02-24.mp3 48.96 mb0:53:28
2019-02-17AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Don't Make Me Stop this Car!"Acts 4:13-222019-02-17.pdf 2019-02-17.mp3 49.87 mb0:54:28
2019-02-10AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"The Cornerstone"Acts 4:1-122019-02-10.pdf 2019-02-10.mp3 49.26 mb0:53:48
2019-02-03AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"His Name"Acts 3:11-262019-02-03.pdf 2019-02-03.mp3 45.68 mb0:49:53
2019-01-27AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"When All You Have Is Jesus"Acts 3:1-102019-01-27.pdf 2019-01-27.mp3 42.61 mb0:46:32
2019-01-20AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"All In - Part Three"Acts 2:42 - 472019-01-20.pdf 2019-01-20.mp3 44.62 mb0:44:22
2019-01-13AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"All In - Part Two"Acts 2:42 - 472019-01-13.pdf 2019-01-13.mp3 50.29 mb0:54:55
2019-01-06AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"All In"Acts 2:41-422019-01-06.pdf 2019-01-06.mp3 52.09 mb0:56:53
2018-12-30AMJohnny Norbeck, Associate PastorActs - 2018"Responding to God's Goodness"Acts 2:37-40 2018-12-30.mp3 49.13 mb0:53:39
2018-12-23AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Meant for Evil, Overruled for Good" - Part 2Acts 2:22-362018-12-23.pdf 2018-12-23.mp3 49.06 mb0:53:35
2018-12-16AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Meant for Evil, Overruled for Good" - Part 1Acts 2:22-362018-12-16.pdf 2018-12-16.mp3 49.45 mb0:54:00
2018-12-09AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"What Kind of Church Sends Missionaries?" Acts 13:1-32018-12-09.pdf 2018-12-09.mp3 52.20 mb0:57:01
2018-12-02AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"The Day of the Lord is Here" Acts 2:14-212018-12-02.pdf 2018-12-02.mp3 55.12 mb1:00:12
2018-11-25AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorActs - 2018"God is Accomplishing His Mission" Acts 2:1-13 2018-11-25.mp3 37.06 mb0:40:28
2018-11-18AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Restored" Acts 1:12-262018-11-18.pdf 2018-11-18.mp3 43.35 mb0:47:20
2018-11-11AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"This Is A Football" Acts 1:6-112018-11-11.pdf 2018-11-11.mp3 43.18 mb0:47:09
2018-11-04AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"Acts: Our Story" Acts 1:1-52018-11-04.pdf 2018-11-04.mp3 41.99 mb0:45:52
2018-10-28AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorActs - 2018"E Pluribus Unum" Luke 242018-10-28.pdf 2018-10-28.mp3 44.71 mb0:48:49
2018-10-21AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"Lamenting in Hope" Lamentations 3:31-332018-10-21.pdf 2018-10-21.mp3 47.14 mb0:51:29
2018-10-07AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"Cultivating Confession" Lamentations 3:24, 40 & 412018-10-07.pdf 2018-10-07.mp3 44.22 mb0:48:17
2018-09-30AMDave Dunham, Associate PastorLamentations 2018"When Wrath Leads to Restoration" Lamentations 5 2018-09-30.mp3 40.73 mb0:44:28
2018-09-23AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"A New Norm (For Now)" Lamentations 42018-09-23.pdf 2018-09-23.mp3 43.28 mb0:43:28
2018-09-16AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"Fighting for Faith" Lamentations 32018-09-16.pdf 2018-09-16.mp3 39.51 mb0:43:09
2018-09-09AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"Good and Angry" Lamentations 22018-09-09.pdf 2018-09-09.mp3 44.74 mb0:48:52
2018-09-02AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"A Time for Mourning" Lamentations 1:1-222018-09-02.pdf 2018-09-02.mp3 50.21 mb0:54:50
2018-08-26AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorLamentations 2018"Things We Don't Talk About" Lamentations 12018-08-26.pdf 2018-08-26.mp3 40.47 mb0:44:12
2018-08-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRuth 4"A Son is Born in Bethlehem" Ruth 42018-08-19.pdf 2018-08-19.mp3 44.96 mb0:49:06
2018-08-12AMMack Stiles, Guest Pastor1 Samuel"Prayers and Promises in Times of Pain" 1 Samuel 2018-08-12.mp3 45.65 mb0:49:51
2018-08-05AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorRuth"Reveling in Redemption" Ephesians 1:3-102018-08-05.pdf 2018-08-05.mp3 47.55 mb0:51:56
2018-07-29AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorRuth"The Surprise of Grace" Ruth 32018-07-29.pdf 2018-07-29.mp3 51.21 mb0:55:55
2018-07-22AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorRuth"Surprising Grace and a Hard Life" Ruth 22018-07-22.pdf 2018-07-22.mp3 45.89 mb0:50:07
2018-07-15AMBob Johnson II, Senior PastorRuth"Believe, Again" Ruth 12018-07-15.pdf 2018-07-15.mp3 41.80 mb0:45:39
2018-07-08AMChad Holmgren, Associate Pastor - Family & Student MinistriesGalations"Not Man's Gospel" Galations 1:11-24 2018-07-08.mp3 38.49 mb0:42:02
2018-07-01AMJohnny Norbeck, Associate Pastor - Student MinistriesGalations"No Other Gospel" Galations 1:1-10 2018-07-01.mp3 42.88 mb0:46:49
2018-06-24AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor JudgesThe Gospel According to JudgesJudges 20-212018-06-24.pdf 2018-06-24.mp3 12.6 mb0:47:44
2018-06-17AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Our Story" Judges 19-202018-06-17.pdf 2018-06-17.mp3 22.43 mb0:47:05
2018-06-10AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"As Long As It Works For You' Doesn't Work" Judges 17-182018-06-10.pdf 2018-06-10.mp3 24.5 mb0:53:31
2018-06-03AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Blind, But Now I See - Part Two" Judges 16:4-312018-06-03.pdf 2018-06-03.mp3 22.54 mb0:49:14
2018-05-27AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Blind, But Now I See" Judges 15-162018-05-27.pdf 2018-05-27.mp3 21.66 mb0:42:19
2018-05-20AMBobby Johnson III, Pastoral Intern Judges"Don't Waste Your Calling" Judges 142018-05-20.pdf 2018-05-20.mp3 23.73 mb0:45:31
2018-05-13AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Chosen By God" Judges 132018-05-13.pdf 2018-05-13.mp3 24.08 mb0:48:18
2018-05-06AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Theology - A Matter of Life and Death" Judges 11:12-12:72018-05-06.pdf 2018-05-06.mp3 13.67 mb0:49:07
2018-04-29AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Desperate, Yet Proud" Judges 10:1 - 11:112018-04-29.pdf 2018-04-29.mp3 23.67 mb0:51:42
2018-04-22AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"Ugly and More Ugly" Judges 92018-04-22.pdf 2018-04-22.mp3 27.08 mb0:59:09
2018-04-15AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"The Failure of Success" (Part Two)Judges 7:24-8:352018-04-15.pdf 2018-04-15.mp3 23.22 mb0:50:43
2018-04-08AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"The Failure of Success" Judges 7:1-232018-04-08.pdf 2018-04-08.mp3 25.67 mb0:56:05
2018-04-01AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"In Fact" I Corinthians 15:20-282018-04-01.pdf 2018-04-01.mp3 21.68 mb0:47:21
2018-03-25AMBob Johnson II, Senior Pastor Judges"What Is In Your Wallet?" Judges 7:1-4a2018-03-25.pdf 2018-03-25.mp3 20.74 mb0:45:17
2018-03-18AMDave Dunham, Associate Pastor Judges"God's Grace For Doubters" Judges 6:33-40 2018-03-18.mp3 34.82 mb0:38:01
2018-03-11AMJerry Benge, SEND Missionary in UkraineGuest"Life's Most Important Question" Psalms 15:1-52018-03-11.pdf 2018-03-11.mp3 38:27 mb0:41:48
2018-03-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"Confronting Your Own Idols" Judges 6:1-322018-03-04.pdf 2018-03-04.mp3 42.27 mb0:46:10
2018-02-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"Defiantly Triumphant" Judges 52018-02-25.pdf 2018-02-25.mp3 13.29 MB0:58:03
2018-02-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"Keeping His Promise" Go to - - to hear this sermon.Judges 3:31-4:242018-02-18.pdf 2018-02-18.mp3 Audio Not Available0:00:00
2018-02-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"Loyal and Lefty" Judges 32018-02-11.pdf 2018-02-11.mp3 11.96 MB0:52:14
2018-02-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"Wrong Side" Judges 2:11-232018-02-04.pdf 2018-02-04.mp3 12.79 MB0:55:51
2018-01-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"CSI" Judges 2:1-52018-01-28.pdf 2018-01-28.mp3 12.64 MB0:55:14
2018-01-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"Needed: A Much Longer Spoon" Judges 1:1-2:52018-01-21.pdf 2018-01-21.mp3 13073 MB0:59:58
2018-01-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJudges"The Battle Continues" Joshua 1:1-92018-01-14.pdf 2018-01-14.mp3 15.34 MB1:07:01
2018-01-07AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"What Really Matters To Us" Part TwoRevelation 1-32018-01-07.pdf 2018-01-07.mp3 11.67 MB0:50:59
2017-12-31AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"What Really Matters To Us"Revelation 1-32017-12-31.pdf 2017-12-31.mp3 9.88 MB0:43:10
2017-12-24AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"Game Over"John 1:1-142017-12-24.pdf 2017-12-24.mp3 10.15 MB0:44:20
2017-12-17AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"True Wisdom is Real Power"Matthew 2:1-122017-12-17.pdf 2017-12-17.mp3 12.52 MB0:54:41
2017-12-10AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"A Shepherd from Bethlehem"Luke 2:8-202017-12-10.pdf 2017-12-10.mp3 11.74 MB0:51:17
2017-12-03AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"In The First Light"Luke 2:8-142017-12-03.pdf 2017-12-03.mp3 11.19 MB0:48:53
2017-11-26AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2017 Advent"God Spoke and..."Hebrews 1:1-42017-11-26.pdf 2017-11-26.mp3 10.19 MB0:44:30
2017-11-19AMBobby Johnson III, Pastoral InternSola"Why Missions?"Matthew 28:18-202017-11-19.pdf 2017-11-19.mp3 10.43MB0:45:35
2017-11-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSola"This Changes Everything"John 11:1-532017-11-12.pdf 2017-11-12.mp3 11.68MB0:51:02
2017-11-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSola"Reflecting His Glory"Ephesians 3:14-212017-11-05.pdf 2017-11-05.mp3 11.57MB0:50:33
2017-10-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSola"Soli Deo Gloria"Matthew 22:37-402017-10-29.pdf 2017-10-29.mp3 11.81MB0:51:35
2017-10-22AMDave Dunham, Associate PastorSola"Christ Alone"Romans 3:21-26 2017-10-22.mp3 8.33 MB0:36:23
2017-10-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSola"Sola Fide"Ephesians 2:1-102017-10-15.pdf 2017-10-15.mp3 10.76 MB0:46:59
2017-10-08AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorSola"Salutis Sola Gratia"Ephesians 2:1-102017-10-08.pdf 2017-10-08.mp3 12.07 MB0:52:44
2017-10-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSola"Sola Scriptura"Psalm 192017-10-01.pdf 2017-10-01.mp3 11.09 MB0:48:27
2017-09-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTitus"The People In Your Life"Titus 3:12-152017-09-24.pdf 2017-09-24.mp3 11.89 MB0:51:56
2017-09-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTitus"Avoiding Bad Investments"Titus 3:9-112017-09-17.pdf 2017-09-17.mp3 12.57 MB0:54:54
2017-09-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTitus"Gospel Grease"Titus 3:1-82017-09-10.pdf 2017-09-10.mp3 13.01 MB0:56:51
2017-09-03AMChad Holmgren, Associate PastorTitus"Grace That Leads Us Home"Titus 2:11-15 2017-09-03.mp3 8.64 MB0:37:45
2017-08-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTitus"It's Always About The Gospel"Titus 2:1-102017-08-27.pdf 2017-08-27.mp3 13.22 MB0:57:45
2017-08-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTitus"Why The Church Always Has Issues"Titus 1:10-162017-08-20.pdf 2017-08-20.mp3 12.31 MB0:53:46
2017-08-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTitus"More Than You Can Imagine"Titus 1:1-92017-08-13.pdf 2017-08-13.mp3 12.67 MB0:55:21
2017-08-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Come Before Winter"2 Timothy 4:9-222017-08-06.pdf 2017-08-06.mp3 11.13 MB0:48:36
2017-07-30AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Sweet Resignation" Part II2 Timothy 4:6-82017-07-30.pdf 2017-07-30.mp3 11.33 MB0:49:30
2017-07-23AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Sweet Resignation"2 Timothy 4:6-82017-07-23.pdf 2017-07-23.mp3 11.57 MB0:50:31
2017-07-16AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Preach The Word"2 Timothy 4:1-52017-07-16.pdf 2017-07-16.mp3 12.39 MB0:54:08
2017-07-09AMEric Stewart1 Corinthians"If Christ Has Not Been Raised"1 Corinthians 15:12-20 2017-07-09.mp3 10.69 MB0:46:43
2017-07-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"True To The Word"2 Timothy 3:10-172017-07-02.pdf 2017-07-02.mp3 11.81 MB0:51:36
2017-06-25AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"My Kingdom Come"2 Timothy 3:1-92017-06-25.pdf 2017-06-25.mp3 11.54 MB0:50:26
2017-06-18AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"What Is Your Tone?"2 Timothy 2:20-262017-06-18.pdf 2017-06-18.mp3 13.32 MB0:58:10
2017-06-11AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Don't Stop Believin" Part 22 Timothy 2:19-212017-06-11.pdf 2017-06-11.mp3 13.05 MB0:56:59
2017-06-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Don't Stop Believin" 2 Timothy 2:192017-06-04.pdf 2017-06-04.mp3 11.59 MB0:50:38
2017-05-28AMJohnny Norbeck, Associate Pastor2 Timothy"Being a Billboard of Truth" 2 Timothy 2:14-19 2017-05-28.mp3 8.11 MB0:35:27
2017-05-21AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Start At The Throne And Walk Back" - Part 22 Timothy 2:1-132017-05-21.pdf 2017-05-21.mp3 14.54 MB1:03:31
2017-05-14AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Start At The Throne And Walk Back"2 Timothy 2:1-132017-05-14.pdf 2017-05-14.mp3 10.63 MB0:46:26
2017-05-07AMBobby Johnson, Pastoral Intern2 Timothy"Keep Your Perspective"2 Timothy 1:13-182017-05-07.pdf 2017-05-07.mp3 10.17 MB0:44:26
2017-04-30AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Not Found Wanting"2 Timothy 1:6-142017-04-30.pdf 2017-04-30.mp3 13.03 MB0:56:55
2017-04-23AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"Fanning The Ember Of Faith"2 Timothy 1:1-72017-04-23.pdf 2017-04-23.mp3 12.48 MB0:54:31
2017-04-16AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor2 Timothy"The Promise of the Life"2 Timothy 1:1-22017-04-16.pdf 2017-04-16.mp3 10.24 MB0:44:43
2017-04-09AMDave Dunham, Associate PastorRevelation 5"Worthy Is The Lamb"Revelation 5 2017-04-09.mp3 10.45 MB0:45:39
2017-04-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"By Grace"1 Timothy 6:20-212017-04-02.pdf 2017-04-02.mp3 12.75 MB0:55:41
2017-04-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"By Grace"1 Timothy 6:20-21 2017-04-02.mp3 12.75 MB0:55:41
2017-03-26AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Are You Truly Rich?"1 Timothy 6:17-192017-03-26.pdf 2017-03-26.mp3 11.22 MB0:49:00
2017-03-19AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Running and Fighting, Amen!"1 Timothy 6:11-162017-03-19.pdf 2017-03-19.mp3 12.09 MB0:52:49
2017-03-12AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Craving or Contentment (Beware of the Hissssss)"1 Timothy 6:2b-102017-03-12.pdf 2017-03-12.mp3 12.96 MB0:56:37
2017-03-05AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Worthy of Honor"1 Timothy 6:1-22017-03-05.pdf 2017-03-05.mp3 10.03 MB0:43:48
2017-02-26AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Considered Worthy"1 Timothy 5:17-252017-02-26.pdf 2017-02-26.mp3 11.30 MB0:49:21
2017-02-19AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"This Is Church?"1 Timothy 5:9-162017-02-19.pdf 2017-02-19.mp3 9.79 MB0:42:47
2017-02-12AMBobby Johnson, Pastoral Intern1 Timothy"How Does Your Family Do It?"1 Timothy 5:1-82017-02-12.pdf 2017-02-12.mp3 11.22 MB0:49:00
2017-02-05AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Who Gives You The Right?"1 Timothy 4:11-162017-02-05.pdf 2017-02-05.mp3 11.06 MB0:48:18
2017-01-29AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"What's In Your Pulpit?"1 Timothy 4:6-102017-01-29.pdf 2017-01-29.mp3 12.39 MB0:54:08
2017-01-22AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Dangerous Departure"1 Timothy 4:1-52017-01-22.pdf 2017-01-22.mp3 10.87 MB0:47:29
2017-01-15AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Dignified Deaconing"1 Timothy 3:8-132017-01-15.pdf 2017-01-15.mp3 11.93 MB0:52:08
2017-01-08AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"An Average Elder"1 Timothy 3:1-72017-01-08.pdf 2017-01-08.mp3 11.75 MB0:51:20
2017-01-01AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"The Elders And The Congregation"1 Timothy 3:1, 14-152017-01-01.pdf 2017-01-01.mp3 11.17 MB0:48:49
2016-12-25AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Heaven On Earth"1 Timothy 3:14-162016-12-25.pdf 2016-12-25.mp3 9.85 MB0:43:03
2016-12-18AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Able To Teach"1 Timothy 3:1-72016-12-18.pdf 2016-12-18.mp3 10.44 MB0:45:35
2016-12-11AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Above Reproach" Part 11 Timothy 3:1-72016-12-11.pdf 2016-12-11.mp3 12.33 MB0:53:52
2016-12-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"A Noble Task" 1 Timothy 3:12016-12-04.pdf 2016-12-04.mp3 13.76 MB1:00:06
2016-11-27AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"That 'Awkward' Thing That Paul Says " Part 21 Timothy 2:8-152016-11-27.pdf 2016-11-27.mp3 14.18 MB1:01:56
2016-11-20AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"That 'Awkward' Thing That Paul Says "1 Timothy 2:8-152016-11-20.pdf 2016-11-20.mp3 12.87 MB0:56:12
2016-11-13AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Only Jesus "1 Timothy 2:5-62016-11-13.pdf 2016-11-13.mp3 9.74 MB0:42:34
2016-11-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Timothy"Pray For Them "1 Timothy 2:1-82016-11-06.pdf 2016-11-06.mp3 11.67 MB0:50:58
2016-10-30AMDavid Dunham, Associate Pastor1 Timothy"The Love of Discipline "1 Corinthians 5 2016-10-30.mp3 10.17 MB0:44:25
2016-10-23AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorI Timothy"We Are Responsible For One Another: Discipleship "Romans 15:14 2016-10-23.mp3 9.03 MB0:39:27
2016-10-16AMDr. Kevin L. SmithGuest"The Messiness of the Spirit's Moving "Acts 15:1-11 2016-10-16.mp3 10.2 MB0:44:56
2016-10-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorI Timothy"The 'Used To Be' Club "I Timothy 1:12-172016-10-09.pdf 2016-10-09.mp3 13.2 MB0:58:04
2016-10-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorI Timothy"Using The Law, Lawfully "I Timothy 1:8-112016-10-02.pdf 2016-10-02.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:49
2016-09-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorI Timothy"Love Means That Sometimes You Have To Say 'No' "I Timothy 1:3-72016-09-25.pdf 2016-09-25.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:46
2016-09-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorI Timothy"Joint Operating Agreement"I Timothy 1:1-22016-09-18.pdf 2016-09-18.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:10
2016-09-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorI Timothy"Finding The Instructions"I Timothy 3:14-152016-09-11.pdf 2016-09-11.mp3 12.3 MB0:53:48
2016-09-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariah"My God Will Come"Zechariah 142016-09-04.pdf 2016-09-04.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:50
2016-08-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariah"You've Got One Job!"Zechariah 13:1-92016-08-28.pdf 2016-08-28.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:48
2016-08-21AMChad Holmgren, Associate PastorZechariah"The God Who Saves"Zechariah 12:1-14 2016-08-21.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:03
2016-08-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariah "Woe!"Zechariah 11:1-172016-08-14.pdf 2016-08-14.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:15
2016-08-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahWho Ya Gonna CallZechariah 10:1-122016-08-07.pdf 2016-08-07.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:54
2016-07-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariah Do You Believe ThisZechariah 9:1-172016-07-31.pdf 2016-07-31.mp3 15.23 MB1:06:31
2016-07-27PMDR. Randy GuliuzzaCreation vs. EvolutionFour Biological Facts the Bible Got Right and Evolution Got Totally Wrong 2016-07-27.mp3 14.32 MB1:02:32
2016-07-24AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorZechariahGod's Glorious PurposeZechariah 8:1-232016-07-24.pdf 2016-07-24.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:24
2016-07-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahMissing the PointZechariah 7:1-142016-07-17.pdf 2016-07-17.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:24
2016-07-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahFaith-driven ObedienceZechariah 6:1-152016-07-10.pdf 2016-07-10.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:27
2016-07-10ABFBob Johnson, Senior PastorPrayer MeetingABF Prayer Meeting 2016-07-10.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:16
2016-07-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahJustice Is Not For AllZechariah 52016-07-03.pdf 2016-07-03.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:35
2016-06-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahWho Would've Thought?Zechariah 4:1-142016-06-26.pdf 2016-06-26.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:08
2016-06-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahAccused!Zechariah 3:1-102016-06-19.pdf 2016-06-19.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:07
2016-06-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahHe's On The MoveZechariah 1:18 - 2:132016-06-12.pdf 2016-06-12.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:59
2016-06-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahMore Than You KnowZechariah 1:7-172016-06-05.pdf 2016-06-05.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:38
2016-05-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorZechariahThe LORD RemembersZechariah 1:1-62016-05-29.pdf 2016-05-29.mp3 14.4 MB1:02:55
2016-05-22AMBobby Johnson, Pastoral InternGrace Understood, Restores; Grace Misunderstood, Rots2 Kings 52016-05-22.pdf 2016-05-22.mp3 9.3 MB0:40:32
2016-05-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhy "Tolerance" is so HatefulGenesis 1:27, Matthew 19:42016-05-15.pdf 2016-05-15.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:47
2016-05-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewAlways and Forever!Matthew 28:16-202016-05-08.pdf 2016-05-08.mp3 9.8 MB0:43:02
2016-05-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Fellowship of the Name (The audio is not available for this message.)Matthew 28:16-202016-05-01.pdf
2016-04-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewGoing PublicMatthew 28:16-202016-04-24.pdf 2016-04-24.mp3 13.5 MB0:59:15
2016-04-17AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewDiscipleship in Difficult Contexts Galatians 6:1-10 2016-04-17.mp3 10.5 MB0:45:56
2016-04-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewYou've Got One JobMatthew 28:16-202016-04-10.pdf 2016-04-10.mp3 13.5 MB0:56:18
2016-04-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDue to technical difficulties, the audio is not availableMatthew 28:16-202016-04-03.pdf 0 MB0:00:00
2016-03-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewBelieve It Or Not!Matthew 27:61 - 28:152016-03-27.pdf 2016-03-27.mp3 9.9 MB0:43:17
2016-03-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewReversing the TideMatthew 27:51-662016-03-20.pdf 2016-03-20.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:03
2016-03-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewBehold Your King!Matthew 27:39-502016-03-13.pdf 2016-03-13.mp3 13.5 MB0:59:17
2016-03-06AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewThis is JesusMatthew 27:32-38 2016-03-06.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:57
2016-02-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHumiliationMatthew 27:27-312016-02-28.pdf 2016-02-28.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:14
2016-02-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat Shall I Do With Jesus?Matthew 27:11-262016-02-21.pdf 2016-02-21.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:37
2016-02-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDeceivedMatthew 27:1-102016-02-14.pdf 2016-02-14.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:00
2016-02-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHow Could You?Matthew 26:69-752016-02-07.pdf 2016-02-07.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:21
2016-01-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewConfessionMatthew 26:57-682016-01-31.pdf 2016-01-31.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:44
2016-01-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewUnder Arrest But In ControlMatthew 26:47-562016-01-24.pdf 2016-01-24.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:44
2016-01-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewOnly JesusMatthew 26:36-462016-01-17.pdf 2016-01-17.mp3 12.0 MB0:52:51
2016-01-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewFailure Does Not Have To Be FinalMatthew 26:14-352016-01-10.pdf 2016-01-10.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:44
2016-01-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewLooking Toward The CrossMatthew 1:1-16; 26:1-52016-01-03.pdf 2016-01-03.mp3 14.4 MB1:03:19
2015-12-27AMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternAdventChrist, The Perfect ManHebrews 5:7-10 2015-12-27.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:46
2015-12-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventChrist, The Perfect GodHebrews 1:82015-12-20.pdf 2015-12-20.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:24
2015-12-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventChrist, The Perfect King (Due to technical difficulties, the audio is not available.)Hebrews 1:5-92015-12-13.pdf
2015-12-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorChristmas concertMessage from Christmas concert 2015-12-11.mp3 4.8 MB0:20:50
2015-12-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventChrist, The Perfect PriestHebrews 1:32015-12-06.pdf 2015-12-06.mp3 13.6 MB0:59:49
2015-11-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventChrist, The Perfect ProphetHebrews 1:1-22015-11-29.pdf 2015-11-29.mp3 11.9 MB0:51:58
2015-11-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewTo Him Be Glory In The ChurchEphesians 1:1-10; 3:7-212015-11-22.pdf 2015-11-22.mp3 13.5 MB0:59:19
2015-11-15AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewWhat is Your Response?Matthew 26:1-16 2015-11-15.mp3 9.5 MB0:41:33
2015-11-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Least of These, My BrothersMatthew 25:31-462015-11-08.pdf 2015-11-08.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:02
2015-11-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewYou've Got TalentMatthew 25:14-302015-11-01.pdf 2015-11-01.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:30
2015-10-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewNot Just A WeddingMatthew 25:1-132015-10-25.pdf 2015-10-25.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:52
2015-10-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewIf Only I KnewMatthew 24:36-512015-10-18.pdf 2015-10-18.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:11
2015-10-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewNot If, But WhenMatthew 24:32-352015-10-11.pdf 2015-10-11.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:44
2015-10-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe End of All ThingsMatthew 24:29-312015-10-04.pdf 2015-10-04.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:18
2015-09-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewTimes Are ChangingMatthew 24:15-282015-09-27.pdf 2015-09-27.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:44
2015-09-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewJesus Left The TempleMatthew 24:1-142015-09-20.pdf 2015-09-20.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:06
2015-09-13AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorThe Fight of FaithJude 17-25 2015-09-13.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:53
2015-09-06AMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternContend For The FaithJude 1-16 2015-09-06.mp3 14.2 MB1:02:13
2015-08-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Reluctant Judge (due to technical difficulties, the audio is not available)Matthew 23:37-392015-08-30.pdf
2015-08-23AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewSeven WoesMatthew 23:13-36 2015-08-23.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:17
2015-08-16AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorMatthewHumility in the Light of His GloryMatthew 23:1-12 2015-08-16.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:34
2015-08-09AMChad HolmgrenMatthewThe Most Important QuestionMatthew 22:41-46 2015-08-09.mp3 9.3 MB0:40:46
2015-08-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewYour True MissionMatthew 22:34-402015-08-02.pdf 2015-08-02.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:40
2015-07-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewStrike Three!Matthew 22:23-332015-07-26.pdf 2015-07-26.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:40
2015-07-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Moral High Ground is QuicksandMatthew 22:15-222015-07-19.pdf 2015-07-19.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:55
2015-07-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPreach the Word (Ordination of Chris Dilley)2 Timothy 3:16 - 4:5; Hebrews 4:12-132015-07-12.pdf 2015-07-12.mp3 9.9 MB0:43:04
2015-07-05AMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternMatthewNo DistinctionsMatthew 22:1-142015-07-05.pdf 2015-07-05.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:37
2015-06-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe CornerstoneMatthew 21:33-462015-06-28.pdf 2015-06-28.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:29
2015-06-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorResponse to Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage2015-06-28.pdf 2015-06-28.mp3 2.2 MB0:09:26
2015-06-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWho Says?Matthew 21:23-322015-06-21.pdf 2015-06-21.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:12
2015-06-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorFather's Day challenge about racism 2015-06-21.mp3 2.2 MB0:09:45
2015-06-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat Do I Really Believe?Matthew 21:18-222015-06-14.pdf 2015-06-14.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:39
2015-06-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewJesus is in the HouseMatthew 21:12-172015-06-07.pdf 2015-06-07.mp3 10.5 MB0:45:52
2015-05-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewBehold, Your King!Matthew 21:1-112015-05-31.pdf 2015-05-31.mp3 13.2 MB0:57:46
2015-05-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDo You Really Know The Cost? (Part 2)Matthew 20:17-342015-05-24.pdf 2015-05-24.mp3 11.5 MB0:53:02
2015-05-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDo You Really Know The Cost?Matthew 20:17-282015-05-17.pdf 2015-05-17.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:02
2015-05-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewI Was Here First!Matthew 20:1-162015-05-10.pdf 2015-05-10.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:34
2015-05-03AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorMatthewThrough the Eye of a NeedleMatthew 19:13-30 2015-05-03.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:37
2015-04-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThis Matter of MarriageMatthew 19:1-122015-04-26.pdf 2015-04-26.mp3 15.1 MB1:06:22
2015-04-19AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewThe Divine Command and The Emotional DifficultyMatthew 18:21-35 2015-04-19.mp3 9.5 MB0:41:34
2015-04-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewJesus is Worth a Beautiful Bride Part 2Matthew 18:15-202015-04-12.pdf 2015-04-12.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:45
2015-04-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterThe Weight and Glory of the ResurrectionRomans 4:23-252015-04-05.pdf 2015-04-05.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:20
2015-03-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewJesus is Worth a Beautiful Bride Matthew 18:15-202015-03-29.pdf 2015-03-29.mp3 14.4 MB1:03:17
2015-03-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat is God Doing?Matthew 18:10-142015-03-22.pdf 2015-03-22.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:24
2015-03-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewA Very Big DealMatthew 18:5-92015-03-15.pdf 2015-03-15.mp3 13.8 MB1:00:36
2015-03-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDon't You Know Who I Am?Matthew 17:24 - 18:62015-03-08.pdf 2015-03-08.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:51
2015-03-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewI Don't Have This, But HE Does Matthew 17:14-232015-03-01.pdf 2015-03-01.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:36
2015-02-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHail the Incarnate DeityMatthew 17:1-132015-02-22.pdf 2015-02-22.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:19
2015-02-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat Have You Got To Lose?Matthew 16:21-282015-02-15.pdf 2015-02-15.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:26
2015-02-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDo You Realize What This Is?Matthew 16:13-202015-02-08.pdf 2015-02-08.mp3 14.4 MB1:02:56
2015-02-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewSailors Take WarningMatthew 16:1-122015-02-01.pdf 2015-02-01.mp3 14.0 MB1:01:20
2015-01-25AMDr. Conrad Mbewe, ZambiaThe Nature of False Repentance1 Samuel 15:24 2015-01-25.mp3 9.7 MB0:42:15
2015-01-18AMDr. David Doran, President of Detroit Baptist Theological SeminaryMinistry in the Model Church1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 2015-01-18.mp3 7.0 MB0:30:32
2015-01-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewGot Room For One More?Matthew 15:21-392015-01-11.pdf 2015-01-11.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:09
2015-01-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewConfession, Church, Cross, CrownMatthew 16:13-282015-01-04.pdf 2015-01-04.mp3 13.8 MB1:00:30
2014-12-28AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorMatthewHeart ReformMatthew 15:10-20 2014-12-28.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:29
2014-12-24PMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral Intern Christmas Eve messageGalatians 4:4-5 2014-12-24.mp3 5.6 MB0:24:41
2014-12-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewChristmas, Promises Kept and Promises MadeMatthew 1:18-252014-12-21.pdf 2014-12-21.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:51
2014-12-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewBad Religion and Vain WorshipMatthew 15:1-202014-12-14.pdf 2014-12-14.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:17
2014-12-14PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorChristmas ConcertMessage from Christmas Concert 2014-12-14.mp3 4.5 MB0:19:51
2014-12-07AMMatthew Spandler-Davison (Due to technical difficulties, there is no audio available for this sermon.)
2014-11-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewLord, Save Me!Matthew 14:22-362014-11-30.pdf 2014-11-30.mp3 12.9 MB0:56:35
2014-11-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHope You Like LeftoversMatthew 14:13-212014-11-23.pdf 2014-11-23.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:18
2014-11-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewIf God is Good, Why is There So Much Evil?Matthew 14:1-122014-11-16.pdf 2014-11-16.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:12
2014-11-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWho Do You Think You Are?Matthew 13:54-582014-11-09.pdf 2014-11-09.mp3 12.0 MB0:52:43
2014-11-02AMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternMatthewThe Only Priceless TreasureMatthew 13:44-52 2014-11-02.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:15
2014-10-26AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewYou Can Trust in the KingdomMatthew 13:31-35 2014-10-26.mp3 9.4 MB0:41:07
2014-10-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat ON Earth is Going On?Matthew 13:24-30,36-432014-10-19.pdf 2014-10-19.mp3 12.9 MB0:56:37
2014-10-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewUNDERSTANDING understandingMatthew 13:1-9,18-232014-10-12.pdf 2014-10-12.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:20
2014-10-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhy Parables?Matthew 13:9-172014-10-05.pdf 2014-10-05.mp3 10.7 MB0:47:07
2014-09-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewForever FamilyMatthew 12:46-502014-09-28.pdf 2014-09-28.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:50
2014-09-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewSeeing is Not Always BelievingMatthew 12:43-452014-09-21.pdf 2014-09-21.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:33
2014-09-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Mercy of DarknessMatthew 12:38-422014-09-14.pdf 2014-09-14.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:47
2014-09-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewB-B-B-Bad to the BoneMatthew 12:33-372014-09-07.pdf 2014-09-07.mp3 9.7 MB0:42:20
2014-08-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Point Of No ReturnMatthew 12:22-322014-08-31.pdf 2014-08-31.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:50
2014-08-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewMy ServantMatthew 12:15-212014-08-24.pdf 2014-08-24.mp3 12.3 MB0:53:47
2014-08-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Rotten Fruit of LegalismMatthew 12:9-142014-08-17.pdf 2014-08-17.mp3 13.2 MB0:57:41
2014-08-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewYou Know You Are A Pharisee When?Matthew 12:1-82014-08-10.pdf 2014-08-10.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:31
2014-08-03AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewJesus Will Save!Matthew 11:25-30 2014-08-03.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:09
2014-07-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewSodom Had No BibleMatthew 11:20-242014-07-27.pdf 2014-07-27.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:04
2014-07-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewSo Much Light, So Little SightMatthew 11:7-192014-07-20.pdf 2014-07-20.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:36
2014-07-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewNot What I ThoughtMatthew 11:1-62014-07-13.pdf 2014-07-13.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:05
2014-07-06AMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternMatthewEmbracing Jesus' Call To DiscipleshipMatthew 10:32-422014-07-06.pdf 2014-07-06.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:05
2014-06-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewFor My Name's Sake - Part 2Matthew 10:16-312014-06-29.pdf 2014-06-29.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:09
2014-06-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewFor My Name's SakeMatthew 10:16-312014-06-22.pdf 2014-06-22.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:27
2014-06-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewLive AmmoMatthew 10:5-152014-06-15.pdf 2014-06-15.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:27
2014-06-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewVested AuthorityMatthew 10:1-42014-06-08.pdf 2014-06-08.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:01
2014-06-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAddress To High School Graduates 2014-06-08.mp3 2.4 MB0:10:24
2014-06-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat Do You See?Matthew 9:35-382014-06-01.pdf 2014-06-01.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:54
2014-05-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat Kind of a Jesus Do You Want?Matthew 9:27-342014-05-25.pdf 2014-05-25.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:35
2014-05-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewUnreal or Unwilling? Matthew 9:18-262014-05-18.pdf 2014-05-18.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:23
2014-05-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHow Much Do You Really Want To Know?Matthew 9:14-172014-05-11.pdf 2014-05-11.mp3 8.4 MB0:36:47
2014-05-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewMissing the PointMatthew 9:9-132014-05-04.pdf 2014-05-04.mp3 11.4 MB0:49:55
2014-04-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWho Says?Matthew 9:1-82014-04-27.pdf 2014-04-27.mp3 10.2 MB0:44:54
2014-04-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterUnited With HimRomans 6:1-142014-04-20.pdf 2014-04-20.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:54
2014-04-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayBearing Shame and Scoffing Rude1 Peter 2:21-25 2014-04-18.mp3 6.3 MB0:27:35
2014-04-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSerious ChurchA Call To The Cross: The Cross and the Holiness of GodMatthew 27:45-46 2014-04-18.mp3 13.2 MB0:57:57
2014-04-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSerious ChurchA Call To The Cross: The Cross and the Trinity 2014-04-18.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:21
2014-04-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewLeave Me AloneMatthew 8:28-342014-04-13.pdf 2014-04-13.mp3 13.6 MB0:59:38
2014-04-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewA Dark and Stormy NightMatthew 8:23-272014-04-06.pdf 2014-04-06.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:02
2014-03-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewNo Reserves, No Retreats, No RegretsMatthew 8:18-222014-03-30.pdf 2014-03-30.mp3 9.6 MB0:41:57
2014-03-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewGreat and Good!Matthew 8:14-172014-03-23.pdf 2014-03-23.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:32
2014-03-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewUnworthy FaithMatthew 8:5-132014-03-16.pdf 2014-03-16.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:58
2014-03-16SSJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorMissionsReport on Ukraine 2014-03-16.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:07
2014-03-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewPreaching That LivesMatthew 8:1-42014-03-09.pdf 2014-03-09.mp3 12.8 MB0:55:55
2014-03-02AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewGrounding For LifeMatthew 7:24-27 2014-03-02.mp3 7.8 MB0:34:05
2014-02-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewIf It's a Dog, It Will BarkMatthew 7:21-232014-02-23.pdf 2014-02-23.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:04
2014-02-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWho Are You Listening To?Matthew 7:15-202014-02-16.pdf 2014-02-16.mp3 13.7 MB0:59:53
2014-02-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhere Are You Going?Matthew 7:13-142014-02-09.pdf 2014-02-09.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:05
2014-02-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewChrist is Pure GoldMatthew 7:122014-02-02.pdf 2014-02-02.mp3 13.2 MB0:58:00
2014-01-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsGoing or SendingRomans 10:5-172014-01-26.pdf 2014-01-26.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:28
2014-01-22PMEli GarzaMissionsInterview with Eli Garza, pastor of First Spanish Baptist Church in Detroit 2014-01-22.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:02
2014-01-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewAre You Better Than God?Matthew 7:7-112014-01-19.pdf 2014-01-19.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:16
2014-01-19PMBert SpaldingThe Gift of Dread 2014-01-19.mp3 18.1 MB1:19:12
2014-01-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewIt's A Me, Oh Lord!Matthew 7:1-62014-01-12.pdf 2014-01-12.mp3 14.4 MB1:03:16
2014-01-12PMPastor Fred FromanOrdination of Brien Brough - Charge to the Church1 Timothy 5:17-19; Hebrews 13:17-18 2014-01-12.mp3 3.2 MB0:13:59
2014-01-12PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorOrdination of Brien Brough - Charge to Brien1 Timothy 4:1-16 2014-01-12.mp3 7.1 MB0:31:02
2014-01-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDon't Waste Your LifeMatthew 6:332014-01-05.pdf 2014-01-05.mp3 14.8 MB1:04:52
2013-12-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhy Pray When You Can Worry?Matthew 6:25-342013-12-29.pdf 2013-12-29.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:44
2013-12-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventWhat Are You Waiting For?Luke 2:29-322013-12-22.pdf 2013-12-22.mp3 12.9 MB0:56:36
2013-12-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventPeace BabyLuke 2:8-142013-12-15.pdf 2013-12-15.mp3 13.3 MB0:58:16
2013-12-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorChristmas ConcertWhy Bother? 2013-12-13.mp3 3.6 MB0:15:49
2013-12-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventDawn's Early LightLuke 1:67-802013-12-08.pdf 2013-12-08.mp3 11.4 MB0:50:01
2013-12-08PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorReview of Joel Osteen's book: Break Out! 2013-12-08.mp3 9.3 MB0:40:42
2013-12-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe MagnificatLuke 1:26-552013-12-01.pdf 2013-12-01.mp3 12.3 MB0:54:07
2013-11-27PMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorThanksgivingSpeakable Joy1 Chronicles 16:8-36 2013-11-27.mp3 4.3 MB0:18:41
2013-11-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewCross-Eyed (Due to technical difficulties, there is no audio available for this sermon.)Matthew 6:22-242013-11-24.pdf
2013-11-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewStorage WarsMatthew 6:19-212013-11-17.pdf 2013-11-17.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:07
2013-11-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewReligious TheaterMatthew 6:16-182013-11-10.pdf 2013-11-10.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:05
2013-11-03AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewGod Must Win The BattleMatthew 6:13 2013-11-03.mp3 8.8 MB0:38:13
2013-10-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewOK, Here's My SituationMatthew 6:14-15, 7:15-272013-10-27.pdf 2013-10-27.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:09
2013-10-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewEnough Mercy To ShareMatthew 6:122013-10-20.pdf 2013-10-20.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:27
2013-10-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewNeeding GodMatthew 6:112013-10-13.pdf 2013-10-13.mp3 12.0 MB0:52:27
2013-10-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewYour Will Be DoneMatthew 6:102013-10-06.pdf 2013-10-06.mp3 12.3 MB0:53:52
2013-10-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSerious ChurchA Call To War: Session 1 - An Overview of Ephesians 2013-10-04.mp3 14.5 MB1:03:40
2013-10-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSerious ChurchA Call To War: Session 2 - Paul's Prayers in Ephesians 2013-10-04.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:14
2013-10-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSerious ChurchA Call To War: Session 3 - Prayer and the Armor of God 2013-10-04.mp3 6.8 MB0:29:52
2013-09-29ABFDr. Owen StrachanBiblical Manhood & Womanhood 2013-09-29.mp3 13.0 MB0:56:47
2013-09-29AMDr. Owen StrachanThe Problem with PleasurePsalm 16:11 2013-09-29.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:54
2013-09-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewYour Kingdom ComeMatthew 6:102013-09-22.pdf 2013-09-22.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:39
2013-09-15AMDr. Jeff Iorg, President of Golden Gate SeminaryGreater Works To DoJohn 14:12-17 2013-09-15.mp3 9.2 MB0:40:15
2013-09-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewOur FatherMatthew 6:92013-09-08.pdf 2013-09-08.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:29
2013-09-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewAnd When You PrayMatthew 6:5-82013-09-01.pdf 2013-09-01.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:15
2013-08-25AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorMatthewRighteousness Practiced RighteouslyMatthew 6:1-4 2013-08-25.mp3 8.6 MB0:37:39
2013-08-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewLoving an Enemy to DeathMatthew 5:43-482013-08-18.pdf 2013-08-18.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:43
2013-08-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewNo R-E-S-P-E-C-TMatthew 5:38-422013-08-11.pdf 2013-08-11.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:43
2013-08-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewStick a Needle in My EyeMatthew 5:33-372013-08-04.pdf 2013-08-04.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:40
2013-07-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewJesus and DivorceMatthew 5:31-322013-07-28.pdf 2013-07-28.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:29
2013-07-21AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorDesire For ChristPhilippians 3:7-162013-07-21.pdf 2013-07-21.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:11
2013-07-14AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewThe Gospel and My Sex LifeMatthew 5:27-30 2013-07-14.mp3 7.7 MB0:33:50
2013-07-07AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorMatthewThe Heart of AngerMatthew 5:21-26 2013-07-07.mp3 10.0 MB0:44:00
2013-06-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewDon't Miss The PointMatthew 5:17-202013-06-30.pdf 2013-06-30.mp3 13.2 MB0:57:56
2013-06-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewTaste and SeeMatthew 5:13-162013-06-23.pdf 2013-06-23.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:18
2013-06-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewWhat Did You Expect?Matthew 5:10-122013-06-16.pdf 2013-06-16.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:31
2013-06-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe PeacemakerMatthew 5:92013-06-09.pdf 2013-06-09.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:32
2013-06-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewFace To FaceMatthew 5:82013-06-02.pdf 2013-06-02.mp3 11.1 MB0:48:29
2013-06-02PMKeith Kaynor, Missions PastorThe Annointing of David1 Samuel 16 2013-06-02.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:33
2013-05-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHappy Are The Merciful - Part 2Matthew 5:72013-05-26.pdf 2013-05-26.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:02
2013-05-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHappy Are The MercifulMatthew 5:72013-05-19.pdf 2013-05-19.mp3 11.4 MB0:49:57
2013-05-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHappy Are The HungryMatthew 5:62013-05-12.pdf 2013-05-12.mp3 9.6 MB0:41:45
2013-05-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHappy Are The MeekMatthew 5:52013-05-05.pdf 2013-05-05.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:58
2013-05-05PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 9 2013-05-05.mp3 12.0 MB0:52:31
2013-04-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewGood Grief!Matthew 5:42013-04-28.pdf 2013-04-28.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:21
2013-04-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 8 2013-04-28.mp3 14.1 MB1:01:55
2013-04-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewHappy Are The Humble, Really?Matthew 5:1-32013-04-21.pdf 2013-04-21.mp3 10.7 MB0:46:53
2013-04-21PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 7 2013-04-21.mp3 14.6 MB1:04:11
2013-04-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewAn Impressive Start (Due to technical difficulties, there is no audio recording available for today's sermon. ) Matthew 4:12-252013-04-14.pdf
2013-04-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewExposing The Lie: Addressing Temptation With Lethal Faith & White-Hot WorshipMatthew 4:1-112013-04-07.pdf 2013-04-07.mp3 13.5 MB0:59:07
2013-04-07PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 6 2013-04-07.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:32
2013-03-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterHe Is Risen, Indeed!Revelation 1:9-202013-03-31.pdf 2013-03-31.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:26
2013-03-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayGood Friday evening messageIsaiah 52 - 53 2013-03-29.mp3 5.5 MB0:45:26
2013-03-291Jeff ChamberlainGood FridayThe SentencingJohn 19:1-16 2013-03-29.mp3 5.9 MB0:25:34
2013-03-292Brandon MeagherGood FridayThe CrucifixionJohn 19:17-27 2013-03-29.mp3 6.3 MB0:27:40
2013-03-293Christopher Dilley, Pastoral InternGood FridayThe Death of JesusJohn 19:28-30 2013-03-29.mp3 5.8 MB0:25:09
2013-03-294John Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorGood FridayThe Cross After DeathJohn 19:31-37 2013-03-29.mp3 5.5 MB0:24:09
2013-03-295Matt KleinGood FridayThe Burial of JesusJohn 19:17-27 2013-03-29.mp3 4.5 MB0:19:37
2013-03-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewInto The WildernessMatthew 4:1-112013-03-24.pdf 2013-03-24.mp3 14.4 MB1:03:19
2013-03-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 5 2013-03-24.mp3 13.5 MB0:59:12
2013-03-17AMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorThe Cost of Discipleship 2013-03-17.mp3 10.1 MB0:44:11
2013-03-17PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 4 2013-03-17.mp3 16.6 MB1:12:37
2013-03-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Incredible Pleasure of GodMatthew 3:13-172013-03-10.pdf 2013-03-10.mp3 12.9 MB0:56:26
2013-03-10PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 3 2013-03-10.mp3 16.5 MB1:12:22
2013-03-03AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorMatthewPreach the Gospel - AND USE WORDS!Matthew 3:1-122013-03-03.pdf 2013-03-03.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:38
2013-02-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe King of LoservilleMatthew 2:19-232013-02-24.pdf 2013-02-24.mp3 11.1 MB0:48:38
2013-02-24PMDavid Dunham, Associate PastorThe ChurchLesson 2 2013-02-24.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:48
2013-02-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewGrief Held By HopeMatthew 2:16-182013-02-17.pdf 2013-02-17.mp3 13.5 MB0:58:58
2013-02-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewOut of EgyptMatthew 2:13-152013-02-10.pdf 2013-02-10.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:21
2013-02-10PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe ChurchLesson 1 2013-02-10.mp3 16.3 MB1:11:24
2013-02-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewTwo Kings and Two KingdomsMatthew 2:1-122013-02-03.pdf 2013-02-03.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:53
2013-01-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsIs Your Gospel Powerful Enough to Save a Jihadist?Romans 1:16-172013-01-27.pdf 2013-01-27.mp3 13.7 MB1:00:07
2013-01-25PMDr. Zane PrattMissionsThe Heart Cry of a Muslim 2013-01-25.mp3 9.7 MB0:48:47
2013-01-25PMDr. Zane PrattMissionsSharing the Gospel with a Muslim 2013-01-25.mp3 20.0 MB1:27:40
2013-01-23PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsA History of Islam 2013-01-23.pdf 2013-01-23.mp3 17.5 MB1:16:29
2013-01-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewCall His Name JesusMatthew 1:18-252013-01-20.pdf 2013-01-20.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:02
2013-01-20PMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral Intern Letter to the Church in EphesusRevelation 2:1-7 2013-01-20.mp3 11.1 MB0:48:47
2013-01-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExpectations in the ChurchActs 202013-01-13.pdf 2013-01-13.mp3 15.8 MB1:09:09
2013-01-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA Word of Comfort - Part 32 Corinthians 4-52013-01-06.pdf 2013-01-06.mp3 13.7 MB1:00:03
2013-01-05PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA Word of Comfort - Part 22 Corinthians 4-52013-01-05.pdf 2013-01-05.mp3 6.0 MB0:26:09
2012-12-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA Word of Comfort - Part 12 Corinthians 4-52012-12-30.pdf 2012-12-30.mp3 14.0 MB1:01:18
2012-12-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMatthewThe Beginning, AgainMatthew 1:1-172012-12-23.pdf 2012-12-23.mp3 12.8 MB0:55:58
2012-12-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahFar as the Curse is FoundIsaiah 65:17 - 66:242012-12-16.pdf 2012-12-16.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:40
2012-12-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahBe Careful What You Ask ForIsaiah 65:1-162012-12-09.pdf 2012-12-09.mp3 14.6 MB1:04:03
2012-12-09PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 9 2012-12-09.mp3 17.2 MB1:15:22
2012-12-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahPresent Conflict, Future Peace, Present RestIsaiah 63:7 - 64:122012-12-02.pdf 2012-12-02.mp3 14.0 MB1:01:25
2012-12-02PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 8 2012-12-02.mp3 16.3 MB1:11:25
2012-11-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahSame Sword - Two EdgesIsaiah 63:1-62012-11-25.pdf 2012-11-25.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:12
2012-11-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 7 (RECORDING NOT AVAILABLE)
2012-11-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThanksgivingThanksgiving Eve Service 2012-11-21.mp3 5.9 MB0:25:46
2012-11-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahFreedom's CallingIsaiah 61-622012-11-18.pdf 2012-11-18.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:45
2012-11-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahRise and ShineIsaiah 602012-11-11.pdf 2012-11-11.mp3 13.2 MB0:58:00
2012-11-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 6 2012-11-11.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:57
2012-11-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahGod's Delight Is Your DelightIsaiah 58-592012-11-04.pdf 2012-11-04.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:34
2012-11-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 5 2012-11-04.mp3 16.8 MB1:13:46
2012-10-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahGospel-FruitIsaiah 56-572012-10-28.pdf 2012-10-28.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:17
2012-10-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 4 2012-10-28.mp3 18.2 MB1:19:33
2012-10-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahBecause You Can't Just Stand ThereIsaiah 54-552012-10-21.pdf 2012-10-21.mp3 13.6 MB0:59:47
2012-10-21PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 3 2012-10-21.mp3 15.2 MB1:06:44
2012-10-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThe InsiderIsaiah 53:10-122012-10-14.pdf 2012-10-14.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:16
2012-10-14PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 2 2012-10-14.mp3 15.8 MB1:09:14
2012-10-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahCalled to SufferIsaiah 53:7-92012-10-07.pdf 2012-10-07.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:33
2012-10-07PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPolitics: What Does The Bible Teach?Lesson 1 2012-10-07.mp3 16.1 MB1:10:27
2012-09-30AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorAn Exalted Hero2 Samuel 11 - 12 2012-09-30.mp3 10.7 MB0:46:55
2012-09-30PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 21 2012-09-30.mp3 14.6 MB1:04:11
2012-09-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahNo, It's Not Fair, It's GraceIsaiah 53:4-62012-09-23.pdf 2012-09-23.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:19
2012-09-23PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 20 2012-09-23.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:49
2012-09-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahAmazing Love, How Can It Be?Isaiah 52:13 - 53:32012-09-16.pdf 2012-09-16.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:35
2012-09-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahMighty To Save - ForeverIsaiah 50:10 - 52:122012-09-09.pdf 2012-09-09.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:21
2012-09-09PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 18 2012-09-09.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:09
2012-09-02AMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorGive Us A King1 Samuel 8 2012-09-02.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:28
2012-08-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWhere is the Restart Button?Isaiah 50:1-92012-08-26.pdf 2012-08-26.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:20
2012-08-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahRelief or Redemption?Isaiah 49:1-262012-08-19.pdf 2012-08-19.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:52
2012-08-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWho Do You Think You Are?Isaiah 47 - 482012-08-12.pdf 2012-08-12.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:22
2012-08-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThere's No God Like Our God - Part 4Isaiah 45:14 - 46:132012-08-05.pdf 2012-08-05.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:26
2012-07-29AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorYou Can Have It All, And You Can Take It With YouColossians 1:24-29 2012-07-29.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:36
2012-07-22AMChad HolmgrenThe Supremacy of JesusColossians 1:15-23 2012-07-22.mp3 9.2 MB0:40:15
2012-07-22PMMike BradshawPriority of Listening to God's Word Luke 10:38-42 2012-07-22.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:43
2012-07-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThere's No God Like Our God - Part 3Isaiah 44:23 - 45:132012-07-15.pdf 2012-07-15.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:48
2012-07-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThere's No God Like Our God - Part 2Isaiah 43:1 - 44:202012-07-08.pdf 2012-07-08.mp3 13.3 MB0:58:10
2012-07-08PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 17 2012-07-08.mp3 15.4 MB1:07:33
2012-07-01AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorWhat Kind of Person Can Live With God?Psalm 15 2012-07-01.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:19
2012-07-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 16 2012-07-01.mp3 17.8 MB1:18:04
2012-06-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThere's No God Like Our God - Part 1Isaiah 42:1-252012-06-24.pdf 2012-06-24.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:19
2012-06-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 15 2012-06-24.mp3 14.9 MB1:05:26
2012-06-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahHe's Got The Whole World In His HandsIsaiah 41:1 - 42:122012-06-17.pdf 2012-06-17.mp3 9.3 MB0:40:28
2012-06-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWhen (Even) The Young Men FallIsaiah 40:27-312012-06-10.pdf 2012-06-10.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:05
2012-06-10PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 14 2012-06-10.mp3 16.6 MB1:12:36
2012-06-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahBehold Your God - Part 2Isaiah 40:12-262012-06-03.pdf 2012-06-03.mp3 12.3 MB0:53:47
2012-05-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahBehold Your GodIsaiah 40:1-112012-05-27.pdf 2012-05-27.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:38
2012-05-20AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorBelieving Is Seeing1 Samuel 24 2012-05-20.mp3 10.2 MB0:44:59
2012-05-20PMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternPsalm 22Psalm 22 2012-05-20.mp3 13.6 MB0:59:47
2012-05-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahI've Paid My DuesIsaiah 38 - 392012-05-13.pdf 2012-05-13.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:39
2012-05-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahDon't Just Do Something, Stand There! (Part 2)Isaiah 37:8-382012-05-06.pdf 2012-05-06.mp3 11.4 MB0:50:06
2012-04-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahDon't Just Do Something, Stand There!Isaiah 36:1 - 37:72012-04-29.pdf 2012-04-29.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:35
2012-04-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 13 2012-04-29.mp3 15.6 MB1:08:11
2012-04-22AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorWho Do You Trust?Proverbs 3:5-6 2012-04-22.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:34
2012-04-15AMChad HolmgrenThe Glory of the Gospel of Christ2 Corinthians 4:1-6 2012-04-15.mp3 8.8 MB0:38:26
2012-04-15PMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternIdols in the House of GodEzekiel 8 - 9 2012-04-15.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:29
2012-04-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterIf There Is No Resurrection?1 Corinthians 15:12-282012-04-08.pdf 2012-04-08.mp3 10.4 MB0:44:41
2012-04-061Bob Johnson, Senior PastorGood Friday(no recording available)
2012-04-062Brandon MeagherGood FridayThe Defeat of the SerpentGenesis 3:15 2012-04-06.mp3 5.3 MB0:23:15
2012-04-063John Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorGood FridayOur Shield and RewardGenesis 15 2012-04-06.mp3 6.3 MB0:27:20
2012-04-064Jeff ChamberlainGood FridayBehold the LambExodus 12:1-28 2012-04-06.mp3 4.7 MB0:20:24
2012-04-065Christopher Dilley, Pastoral InternGood FridayMy God, My God: The Great Cry of the ChristMatthew 27:45-50 2012-04-06.mp3 5.9 MB0:25:53
2012-04-066Evan WhiteakerGood FridayThe Torn VeilHebrews 9:23, 10:19-25 2012-04-06.mp3 5.7 MB0:24:48
2012-04-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWait 'til the King Comes Back!Isaiah 30 - 352012-04-01.pdf 2012-04-01.mp3 15.3 MB1:07:03
2012-04-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 11 2012-04-01.mp3 17.0 MB1:14:38
2012-03-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahRelax! Our God SavesIsaiah 28 - 292012-03-25.pdf 2012-03-25.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:26
2012-03-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 10 2012-03-25.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:41
2012-03-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahA Song of Peace - Part 2Isaiah 26:20 - 27:132012-03-18.pdf 2012-03-18.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:15
2012-03-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 09 2012-03-18.mp3 15.1 MB1:06:01
2012-03-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahA Song of PeaceIsaiah 26 - 272012-03-11.pdf 2012-03-11.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:25
2012-03-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 08 2012-03-11.mp3 17.0 MB1:14:26
2012-03-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahEven In The ValleyIsaiah 24 - 252012-03-04.pdf 2012-03-04.mp3 10.1 MB0:44:29
2012-03-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 07 2012-03-04.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:38
2012-02-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThe God You Want: Dissecting IdolatryIsaiah 19 - 232012-02-26.pdf 2012-02-26.mp3 13.7 MB1:00:04
2012-02-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahHeartfelt TributeIsaiah 17:12 - 18:72012-02-19.pdf 2012-02-19.mp3 13.3 MB0:58:09
2012-02-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahYou're Serious?Isaiah 17:1-112012-02-12.pdf 2012-02-12.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:01
2012-02-12PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 05 2012-02-12.mp3 15.8 MB1:09:12
2012-02-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWhen The Bottom Drops OutIsaiah 14:28 - 16:122012-02-05.pdf 2012-02-05.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:11
2012-02-05PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 04 2012-02-05.mp3 15.6 MB1:08:25
2012-01-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahBiblical Theology 2012-01-29.mp3 17.8 MB1:17:57
2012-01-29AMRick Perhai, Kiev Theological SeminaryMissionsFaithful Tenant WorkersMatt. 21:33-43; John 15:1-7 2012-01-29.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:48
2012-01-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahPride Stinks, ReallyIsaiah 14:3-272012-01-22.pdf 2012-01-22.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:37
2012-01-22PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 03 2012-01-22.mp3 14.7 MB1:04:25
2012-01-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahIf I Have __Isaiah 13:1 - 14:22012-01-15.pdf 2012-01-15.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:34
2012-01-15PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 02 2012-01-15.mp3 17.0 MB1:14:31
2012-01-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahGod IS SalvationIsaiah 12:1-62012-01-08.pdf 2012-01-08.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:31
2012-01-08PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Glory of the Gospel of God in the Book of RomansLesson 1 2012-01-08.mp3 14.6 MB1:03:51
2012-01-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTo The Elders1 Timothy2012-01-01.pdf 2012-01-01.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:59
2011-12-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahPeace On EarthIsaiah 11:1-162011-12-25.pdf 2011-12-25.mp3 12.3 MB0:53:59
2011-12-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWho's Holding The Leash? - Part 2Isaiah 10:5-342011-12-18.pdf 2011-12-18.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:27
2011-12-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWho's Holding The Leash?Isaiah 10:5-192011-12-11.pdf 2011-12-11.mp3 9.3 MB0:40:29
2011-12-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahAfraid of the DarkIsaiah 9:8 - 10:42011-12-04.pdf 2011-12-04.mp3 14.0 MB1:01:27
2011-12-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIt's Not Like The Christmas Card 2011-12-04.mp3 15.8 MB1:09:21
2011-11-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahOnly OneIsaiah 9:2-72011-11-27.pdf 2011-11-27.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:18
2011-11-27PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBlessed TrinityLesson 4 2011-11-27.mp3 14.1 MB1:01:50
2011-11-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahThe Betrayal of the godsIsaiah 8:1 - 9:12011-11-20.pdf 2011-11-20.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:52
2011-11-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahFaith For DummiesIsaiah 72011-11-13.pdf 2011-11-13.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:46
2011-11-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBlessed TrinityLesson 3 2011-11-13.mp3 15.8 MB1:09:07
2011-11-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahHoly, Holy, HolyIsaiah 6:1-132011-11-06.pdf 2011-11-06.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:45
2011-11-06PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBlessed TrinityLesson 2 2011-11-06.mp3 15.1 MB1:06:05
2011-10-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahWoe!Isaiah 5:1-302011-10-30.pdf 2011-10-30.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:38
2011-10-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahIn That DayIsaiah 4:2-62011-10-23.pdf 2011-10-23.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:42
2011-10-23PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBlessed TrinityLesson 1 2011-10-23.mp3 16.8 MB1:13:40
2011-10-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahNational DecayIsaiah 3:1 - 4:12011-10-16.pdf 2011-10-16.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:34
2011-10-16PMChristopher Dilley, Pastoral InternCharacteristics of True RepentancePsalm 51 2011-10-16.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:42
2011-10-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahTo Those Who Have It AllIsaiah 2:6-222011-10-09.pdf 2011-10-09.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:29
2011-10-09PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBreaking Free From The Fear Of ManLesson 1 2011-10-09.mp3 14.6 MB1:04:07
2011-10-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahA Peak of GloryIsaiah 2:1-52011-10-02.pdf 2011-10-02.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:36
2011-10-02PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTheistic EvolutionLesson 4 2011-10-02.mp3 13.3 MB0:58:24
2011-09-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahHope Through JudgmentIsaiah 1:21-312011-09-25.pdf 2011-09-25.mp3 15.5 MB1:08:05
2011-09-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTheistic EvolutionLesson 3 2011-09-25.mp3 16.1 MB1:10:36
2011-09-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahDark is the Stain (That We Cannot Hide)Isaiah 1:2-202011-09-18.pdf 2011-09-18.mp3 14.6 MB1:03:53
2011-09-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTheistic EvolutionLesson 2 2011-09-18.mp3 13.2 MB0:58:03
2011-09-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorIsaiahOur God SavesIsaiah 1:1, 40:8, 45:222011-09-11.pdf 2011-09-11.mp3 15.3 MB1:07:04
2011-09-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorTheistic EvolutionLesson 1 2011-09-11.mp3 13.0 MB0:56:48
2011-08-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLast Words Before The StormHebrews 13:22-252011-08-28.pdf 2011-08-28.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:34
2011-08-28PMJeremy ByrdColossians 2:16-23 2011-08-28.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:44
2011-08-21AMChad HolmgrenThe DNA of a Healthy ChurchActs 2:42-47 2011-08-21.mp3 9.4 MB0:41:06
2011-08-21PMJason WoodHebrewsThree Keys To PerseverenceJude 17-25 2011-08-21.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:03
2011-08-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe Eternal CovenantHebrews 13:20-212011-08-14.pdf 2011-08-14.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:04
2011-08-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWhat a Prayer!Hebrews 13:20-212011-08-07.pdf 2011-08-07.mp3 8.8 MB0:38:20
2011-07-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsSomeone Trusted the Church and...Hebrews 13:18-192011-07-31.pdf 2011-07-31.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:28
2011-07-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsRecipe For JoyHebrews 13:172011-07-24.pdf 2011-07-24.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:40
2011-07-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsA Royal 'Waste' of TimeHebrews 13:15-162011-07-17.pdf 2011-07-17.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:16
2011-07-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsInside Out - Part 2Hebrews 13:13-142011-07-10.pdf 2011-07-10.mp3 13.0 MB0:56:56
2011-07-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsInside OutHebrews 13:10-122011-07-03.pdf 2011-07-03.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:37
2011-06-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsShow-Stopping Faith (Due to technical difficulties, the beginning of this sermon is not available.)Hebrews 13:7-92011-06-26.pdf 2011-06-26.mp3 8.4 MB0:36:53
2011-06-19AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEnlarging Your Prayer LifeEphesians 3:14-21 2011-06-19.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:58
2011-06-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsTake Your Best ShotHebrews 13:62011-06-12.pdf 2011-06-12.mp3 9.0 MB0:39:26
2011-06-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe Infinite Worth of ContentmentHebrews 13:5-62011-06-05.pdf 2011-06-05.mp3 9.2 MB0:40:22
2011-05-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe Glory of God in MarriageHebrews 13:42011-05-29.pdf 2011-05-29.mp3 13.6 MB0:59:46
2011-05-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsTwo Views, Two Lives, Two DestiniesHebrews 12:25 - 13:32011-05-22.pdf 2011-05-22.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:28
2011-05-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsOverwhelmed!Hebrews 12:18-292011-05-15.pdf 2011-05-15.mp3 13.2 MB0:58:05
2011-05-08AMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorGod Has A BlueprintExodus 19:1-6 2011-05-08.mp3 10.7 MB0:47:01
2011-05-01AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorHebrewsAcceptable WorshipHebrews 12:28-29 2011-05-01.mp3 9.1 MB0:39:46
2011-05-01PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 24 2011-05-01.mp3 17.9 MB1:18:22
2011-04-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterThis TempleJohn 2:18-222011-04-24.pdf 2011-04-24.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:26
2011-04-221Bob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayThe Servant Songs of Isaiah 2011-04-22.mp3 5.3 MB0:23:06
2011-04-222Brandon MeagherGood Friday Isaiah 52:13-15 2011-04-22.mp3 5.8 MB0:25:28
2011-04-223Bob Johnson, Senior PastorGood Friday Isaiah 53:1-3 2011-04-22.mp3 6.0 MB0:26:03
2011-04-224Joel BengeGood Friday Isaiah 53:4-6 2011-04-22.mp3 5.0 MB0:21:55
2011-04-225Jeff ChamberlainGood Friday Isaiah 53:7-9 2011-04-22.mp3 6.1 MB0:26:39
2011-04-226John Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorGood Friday Isaiah 53:10-12 2011-04-22.mp3 7.6 MB0:33:10
2011-04-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsMy Brother And Sister's Keeper - Part 2Hebrews 12:12-172011-04-17.pdf 2011-04-17.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:22
2011-04-17PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 23 2011-04-17.mp3 17.5 MB1:16:52
2011-04-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsMy Brother And Sister's KeeperHebrews 12:12-172011-04-10.pdf 2011-04-10.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:34
2011-04-10PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 22 2011-04-10.mp3 17.9 MB1:18:23
2011-04-03AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorJonahJonah 4Jonah 4 2011-04-03.mp3 8.6 MB0:37:36
2011-04-03PMJason WoodGospel of MarkLesson 21 2011-04-03.mp3 15.4 MB1:07:24
2011-03-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsFor Our GoodHebrews 12:7-112011-03-27.pdf 2011-03-27.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:16
2011-03-27PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorReview of Love Wins by Rob Bell (conclusion added March 31) 2011-03-27.mp3 24.5 MB1:47:09
2011-03-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsSon-Colored GlassesHebrews 12:3-62011-03-20.pdf 2011-03-20.mp3 10.9 MB0:48:00
2011-03-20PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 20 2011-03-20.mp3 22.2 MB1:37:02
2011-03-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsRun With Endurance (The Baton Is A Cross) - Part 3Hebrews 12:1-22011-03-13.pdf 2011-03-13.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:17
2011-03-13PMRyan GasparottoGospel of MarkLesson 19 - Part 1 2011-03-13.mp3 8.4 MB0:36:46
2011-03-13PMJoel BengeGospel of MarkLesson 19 - Part 2 2011-03-13.mp3 5.8 MB0:25:28
2011-03-111Dr. Stuart ScottMarriage Conference 2011Communication & Conflict Resolution - part 1 2011-03-11.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:01
2011-03-112Dr. Stuart ScottMarriage Conference 2011Communication & Conflict Resolution - part 2 2011-03-11.mp3 13.8 MB1:00:41
2011-03-113Dr. Stuart ScottMarriage Conference 2011From Pride To Humility - part 1 2011-03-11.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:29
2011-03-114Dr. Stuart ScottMarriage Conference 2011From Pride To Humility - part 2 2011-03-11.mp3 8.2 MB0:35:57
2011-03-115Bob Johnson, Senior PastorMarriage Conference 2011Are We There Yet? (Preparing Children For Adulthood) 2011-03-11.mp3 11.1 MB0:48:48
2011-03-116Fred FromanMarriage Conference 2011You Da Man (A Husband's Position In Christ) 2011-03-11.mp3 8.3 MB0:36:03
2011-03-117Jason WoodMarriage Conference 2011Who's Really In Charge? (Child-centered vs. Christ-centered) 2011-03-11.mp3 10.9 MB0:47:50
2011-03-118Denise HardyMarriage Conference 2011Say What? (A Wife's Position In Christ) 2011-03-11.mp3 9.4 MB0:41:11
2011-03-119Jerry & Colette DormanMarriage Conference 2011What's Love Got To Do With It? (Marital Intimacy) 2011-03-11.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:35
2011-03-1110Marriage Conference 2011question & answer session 2011-03-11.mp3 10.1 MB0:44:26
2011-03-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsRun With Endurance (The Baton Is A Cross) - Part 2Hebrews 12:1-22011-03-06.pdf 2011-03-06.mp3 10.7 MB0:46:49
2011-03-06PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 18 2011-03-06.mp3 18.5 MB1:13:33
2011-02-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsRun With Endurance (The Baton Is A Cross)Hebrews 12:1-22011-02-27.pdf 2011-02-27.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:01
2011-02-27PMChad HolmgrenGospel of MarkLesson 17 2011-02-27.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:59
2011-02-20AMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorHebrewsHolding On To The GoldDaniel 2 2011-02-20.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:26
2011-02-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsBy Faith To Faith To FaithHebrews 11:29-402011-02-13.pdf 2011-02-13.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:26
2011-02-13PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 16 2011-02-13.mp3 16.8 MB1:13:33
2011-02-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe Anatomy of a PromiseHebrews 11:262011-02-06.pdf 2011-02-06.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:13
2011-01-30AMDr. Chuck Lawless, Southern Baptist Theological SeminaryMissionsPrivilege of the Great CommissionMatthew 28:16-20 2011-01-30.mp3 9.6 MB0:42:05
2011-01-30PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 15 2011-01-30.mp3 19.4 MB1:24:53
2011-01-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe Reward of ReproachHebrews 11:23-282011-01-23.pdf 2011-01-23.mp3 12.9 MB0:56:47
2011-01-23PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 14 2011-01-23.mp3 14.5 MB1:03:27
2011-01-221Nathan Platt, Associate PastorWorship ConferenceWorship Beyond Words - What Does Worship Really Mean?Genesis 22:5 2011-01-22.mp3 15.1 MB1:06:15
2011-01-222Bob Johnson, Senior PastorWorship ConferenceThrough Him Let Us (Worship)Hebrews 13:15-21 2011-01-22.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:31
2011-01-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhat's New?Colossians 1:28-29; Hebrews 13:172011-01-16.pdf 2011-01-16.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:12
2011-01-16PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 13 2011-01-16.mp3 17.2 MB1:15:33
2011-01-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWhen God Doesn't Seem To Make SenseHebrews 11:17-192011-01-09.pdf 2011-01-09.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:58
2011-01-09PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 12 2011-01-09.mp3 14.0 MB1:01:23
2011-01-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsOrdinary FaithHebrews 11:8-222011-01-02.pdf 2011-01-02.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:28
2010-12-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLooking ForwardHebrews 11:8-122010-12-26.pdf 2010-12-26.mp3 11.0 MB0:48:07
2010-12-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe Promise KeptHebrews 11:72010-12-19.pdf 2010-12-19.mp3 12.0 MB0:52:31
2010-12-12AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorThe Secret of ContentmentPhilippians 4:10-13 2010-12-12.mp3 10.5 MB0:45:57
2010-12-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsFighting 'pleasure' with PleasureHebrews 11:5-72010-12-05.pdf 2010-12-05.mp3 13.0 MB0:56:51
2010-12-05PMBrandon MeagherGospel of MarkLesson 11 (Part 1) 2010-12-05.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:56
2010-12-05PMMark GriffinGospel of MarkLesson 11 (Part 2) 2010-12-05.mp3 9.8 MB0:42:39
2010-11-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsPleasing GodHebrews 11:4-62010-11-28.pdf 2010-11-28.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:28
2010-11-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 10 2010-11-28.mp3 13.0 MB0:56:52
2010-11-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThanksgivingA Psalm For Giving ThanksPsalm 100:1-5 2010-11-24.mp3 6.9 MB0:30:06
2010-11-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsPure FaithHebrews 11:1-32010-11-21.pdf 2010-11-21.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:26
2010-11-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsUpward I LookHebrews 10:392010-11-14.pdf 2010-11-14.mp3 14.8 MB1:05:00
2010-11-14PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 9 2010-11-14.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:35
2010-11-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsDon't Stop BelievingHebrews 10:392010-11-07.pdf 2010-11-07.mp3 11.4 MB0:50:14
2010-11-07PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 8 2010-11-07.mp3 14.7 MB1:04:39
2010-10-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWhat If?Hebrews 10:392010-10-31.pdf 2010-10-31.mp3 10.1 MB0:44:21
2010-10-31PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 7 2010-10-31.mp3 16.8 MB1:13:48
2010-10-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsAn Upside-Down FaithHebrews 10:35-392010-10-24.pdf 2010-10-24.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:11
2010-10-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 6 2010-10-24.mp3 13.5 MB0:58:58
2010-10-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsQuitting Is Not An OptionHebrews 10:32-392010-10-17.pdf 2010-10-17.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:41
2010-10-17PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 5 2010-10-17.mp3 15.4 MB1:07:26
2010-10-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsGod Is Serious About His MercyHebrews 10:26-312010-10-10.pdf 2010-10-10.mp3 11.0 MB0:48:04
2010-10-10PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorDangerous Worship2 Samuel 62010-10-10.pdf 2010-10-10.mp3 9.0 MB0:39:12
2010-10-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsStir Up (In Fact, Do It More)Hebrews 10:19-252010-10-03.pdf 2010-10-03.mp3 9.6 MB0:41:48
2010-10-03PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 4 2010-10-03.mp3 12.2 MB0:53:19
2010-09-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsHold Tight (And Don't Let Go)Hebrews 10:19-252010-09-26.pdf 2010-09-26.mp3 10.7 MB0:46:59
2010-09-26PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 3 2010-09-26.mp3 14.7 MB1:04:23
2010-09-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHis Glory Is Our JoyPsalm 67; Romans 1:1-6; Ephesians 3:20-212010-09-19.pdf 2010-09-19.mp3 11.3 MB0:49:25
2010-09-19PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorGospel of MarkLesson 2 2010-09-19.mp3 15.8 MB1:09:08
2010-09-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsDraw Near (And Don't Let Anything Stop You)Hebrews 10:19-222010-09-12.pdf 2010-09-12.mp3 13.3 MB0:58:16
2010-09-12PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGospel of MarkLesson 1 2010-09-12.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:33
2010-09-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWhat Can Wash Away My Sin?Hebrews 10:1-182010-09-05.pdf 2010-09-05.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:09
2010-08-29AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorThe Cross: The Way To Become YourselfRomans 8:1-17 2010-08-29.mp3 13.2 MB0:58:02
2010-08-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLast Will and TestamentHebrews 9:15-222010-08-22.pdf 2010-08-22.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:11
2010-08-22PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA People For His Own Possession: A Biblical Introduction to the ChurchLesson 5 2010-08-22.mp3 10.5 MB0:45:56
2010-08-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsNothing But The BloodHebrews 9:11-142010-08-15.pdf 2010-08-15.mp3 11.8 MB0:51:59
2010-08-15PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA People For His Own Possession: A Biblical Introduction to the ChurchLesson 4 2010-08-15.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:32
2010-08-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsEternal Redemption - Secured!Hebrews 9:1-142010-08-08.pdf 2010-08-08.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:23
2010-08-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe New Covenant - Part 2Hebrews 8:7-132010-08-01.pdf 2010-08-01.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:00
2010-08-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA People For His Own Possession: A Biblical Introduction to the ChurchLesson 3 2010-08-01.mp3 9.9 MB0:43:12
2010-07-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsThe New CovenantHebrews 8:1-132010-07-25.pdf 2010-07-25.mp3 9.7 MB0:42:12
2010-07-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA People For His Own Possession: A Biblical Introduction to the ChurchLesson 2 2010-07-25.mp3 6.9 MB0:30:13
2010-07-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsAlways Able and AvailableHebrews 7:25-282010-07-18.pdf 2010-07-18.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:27
2010-07-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorA People For His Own Possession: A Biblical Introduction to the ChurchLesson 1 2010-07-18.mp3 10.1 MB0:44:14
2010-07-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsSaved to the GuttermostHebrews 7:11-252010-07-11.pdf 2010-07-11.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:13
2010-07-04AMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorOur Declaration of Independence 2010-07-04.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:28
2010-06-27AMChip Dean, Youth Pastor of Capshaw Baptist Church in Harvest, ALGod versus the gods: Identifying our Idolatries1 Kings 18 2010-06-27.mp3 10.7 MB0:46:58
2010-06-27PMNathan Platt, Associate PastorHumilityiChurch: It's Not Church - Lesson 5 2010-06-27.mp3 15.1 MB1:06:00
2010-06-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWho Is This King of Glory?Hebrews 7:1-102010-06-20.pdf 2010-06-20.mp3 11.0 MB0:48:06
2010-06-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsSoul AnchorHebrews 6:9-202010-06-13.pdf 2010-06-13.mp3 13.0 MB0:57:01
2010-06-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHumilityiChurch: It's Not Church - Lesson 4 2010-06-13.mp3 12.3 MB0:54:06
2010-06-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsStrong Words, Deep HopeHebrews 6:1-122010-06-06.pdf 2010-06-06.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:52
2010-06-06PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHumilityiChurch: It's Not Church - Lesson 3 2010-06-06.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:43
2010-05-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsA Dull SermonHebrews 5:11 - 6:32010-05-30.pdf 2010-05-30.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:15
2010-05-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsTwo Gardens, One SourceHebrews 5:1-102010-05-23.pdf 2010-05-23.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:14
2010-05-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsBold I ApproachHebrews 4:162010-05-16.pdf 2010-05-16.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:03
2010-05-16PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHumilityiChurch: It's Not Church - Lesson 2 2010-05-16.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:38
2010-05-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLettuce - Part 3Hebrews 4:14-162010-05-09.pdf 2010-05-09.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:10
2010-05-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLettuce - Part 2Hebrews 4:11-132010-05-02.pdf 2010-05-02.mp3 8.9 MB0:38:49
2010-04-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLettuce - Part 1Hebrews 4:1-132010-04-25.pdf 2010-04-25.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:15
2010-04-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHumilityiChurch: It's Not Church - Lesson 1 2010-04-25.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:34
2010-04-18AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorJonahJonah Obeys, Ninevah Repents, and God RelentsJonah 3 2010-04-18.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:59
2010-04-18PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorIt's All About You, JesusIt's All About You, Jesus - Part 2 2010-04-18.mp3 12.6 MB0:55:13
2010-04-11AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorFirst Love FidelityRevelation 2:1-7 2010-04-11.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:50
2010-04-11PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorIt's All About You, JesusIt's All About You, Jesus - Part 1 2010-04-11.mp3 10.7 MB0:47:02
2010-04-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterThe First And The LastRevelation 1:17-202010-04-04.pdf 2010-04-04.mp3 9.4 MB0:41:04
2010-04-021Jason WoodGood FridayFather, forgive them 2010-04-02.mp3 6.6 MB0:28:45
2010-04-022Jim EngleGood FridayToday you will be with me in paradise 2010-04-02.mp3 5.8 MB0:25:24
2010-04-023Jeff ChamberlainGood FridayWhy have you forsaken me? 2010-04-02.mp3 6.9 MB0:29:59
2010-04-024Brandon MeagherGood FridayI am thirsty 2010-04-02.mp3 5.1 MB0:22:11
2010-04-025Bobby JohnsonGood FridayIt is finished 2010-04-02.mp3 3.9 MB0:16:55
2010-04-026Kerry WeishauptGood FridayFather, into your hands I commit my spirit 2010-04-02.mp3 5.8 MB0:25:21
2010-03-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsClear And Present DangerHebrews 3:7-192010-03-28.pdf 2010-03-28.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:26
2010-03-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Kingdom Of ChristLesson 5 2010-03-28.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:28
2010-03-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsGreat Is Thy FaithfulnessHebrews 3:1-62010-03-21.pdf 2010-03-21.mp3 11.5 MB0:50:17
2010-03-21PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Kingdom Of ChristLesson 4 2010-03-21.mp3 14.2 MB1:02:15
2010-03-14PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Kingdom Of ChristLesson 3 2010-03-14.mp3 14.7 MB1:04:28
2010-03-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLeader of the Band - Part 2Hebrews 2:10-182010-03-14.pdf 2010-03-14.mp3 12.7 MB0:55:37
2010-03-07PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Kingdom Of ChristLesson 2 2010-03-07.mp3 14.5 MB1:03:29
2010-03-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsLeader of the BandHebrews 2:5-92010-03-07.pdf 2010-03-07.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:25
2010-02-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsPay Attention Or Die!Hebrews 2:1-42010-02-28.pdf 2010-02-28.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:25
2010-02-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Kingdom Of ChristLesson 1 2010-02-28.mp3 15.5 MB1:07:59
2010-02-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsMy Son, The KingHebrews 1:5-142010-02-21.pdf 2010-02-21.mp3 11.0 MB0:48:27
2010-02-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWho's Talking?Hebrews 1:1-42010-02-14.pdf 2010-02-14.mp3 11.2 MB0:48:58
2010-02-14PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsWho's Talking? - Part 2Hebrews 1; Psalm 2 2010-02-14.mp3 17.1 MB1:14:45
2010-02-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsYou Belong HereEphesians 2:11-222010-02-07.pdf 2010-02-07.mp3 9.8 MB0:42:41
2010-01-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsThe End Of MissionsGenesis - Revelation2010-01-31.pdf 2010-01-31.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:47
2010-01-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorHebrewsPress On, PilgrimHebrews 10:19-252010-01-24.pdf 2010-01-24.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:26
2010-01-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEschatology: The Doctrine of End TimesLesson 3 2010-01-24.mp3 21.7 MB1:34:58
2010-01-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGame Over, Play On!Acts 20:282010-01-17.pdf 2010-01-17.mp3 10.7 MB0:47:02
2010-01-17PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEschatology: The Doctrine of End TimesLesson 2 2010-01-17.mp3 21.0 MB1:31:53
2010-01-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPeople of the Word2 Peter 1:1 - 2:3 2010-01-10.mp3 11.0 MB0:48:17
2010-01-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHome Improvement - Part 21 Peter 2:1-102010-01-03.pdf 2010-01-03.mp3 11.4 MB0:49:59
2010-01-03PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEschatology: The Doctrine of End TimesLesson 1 2010-01-03.mp3 21.4 MB1:33:39
2009-12-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHome Improvement1 Peter 2:1-102009-12-27.pdf 2009-12-27.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:00
2009-12-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusGod is in THE HouseExodus 402009-12-20.pdf 2009-12-20.mp3 11.0 MB0:48:12
2009-12-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusMore Than EnoughExodus 35:1 - 36:72009-12-13.pdf 2009-12-13.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:15
2009-12-13PMBob Johnson, Senior Pastormessage from Christmas concert 2009-12-13.mp3 3.9 MB0:16:50
2009-12-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusA Second ChanceExodus 342009-12-06.pdf 2009-12-06.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:50
2009-11-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusShow Me Your Glory - Part 3Exodus 33:20-232009-11-29.pdf 2009-11-29.mp3 9.7 MB0:42:32
2009-11-25 Patrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorThanksgivingThanksgiving Eve serviceLuke 17:11-19 2009-11-25.mp3 5.5 MB0:25:31
2009-11-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusShow Me Your Glory - Part 2Exodus 33:18-202009-11-22.pdf 2009-11-22.mp3 10.8 MB0:47:19
2009-11-22PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 10 2009-11-22.mp3 20.4 MB1:29:31
2009-11-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusShow Me Your GloryExodus 33:1 - 34:92009-11-15.pdf 2009-11-15.mp3 9.7 MB0:42:22
2009-11-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusUnresolvedExodus 32:7-352009-11-08.pdf 2009-11-08.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:22
2009-11-08PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 9 2009-11-08.mp3 18.9 MB1:22:49
2009-11-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusWhat Did You Expect?Exodus 32:1-62009-11-01.pdf 2009-11-01.mp3 9.6 MB0:42:08
2009-11-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 8 2009-11-01.mp3 18.9 MB1:22:57
2009-10-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusWork and Rest for the Glory of GodExodus 31:1-182009-10-25.pdf 2009-10-25.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:06
2009-10-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 7 2009-10-25.mp3 14.6 MB1:04:07
2009-10-25PMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor How Not To Waste The Recession 2009-10-25.mp3 3.4 MB14:56
2009-10-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorDon't Waste The Recession2 Corinthians 8:1-152009-10-18.pdf 2009-10-18.mp3 11.4 MB0:50:00
2009-10-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 6 2009-10-18.mp3 19.4 MB1:25:07
2009-10-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusSweet WorshipExodus 30:1-102009-10-11.pdf 2009-10-11.mp3 13.3 MB0:58:29
2009-10-11PMDave WhiteakerThe Book of JohnLesson 5 2009-10-11.mp3 14.5 MB1:03:33
2009-10-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusSet Apart To ServeExodus 29 2009-10-04.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:02
2009-10-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 4 2009-10-04.mp3 19.1 MB1:23:35
2009-09-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusBetween Heaven and EarthExodus 282009-09-27.pdf 2009-09-27.mp3 10.7 MB0:46:51
2009-09-27PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 3 2009-09-27.mp3 18.6 MB1:21:20
2009-09-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusInside Out (Part 2)Exodus 25-272009-09-20.pdf 2009-09-20.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:59
2009-09-20PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 2 2009-09-20.mp3 19.6 MB1:25:47
2009-09-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusInside OutExodus 25-27 2009-09-13.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:47
2009-09-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Book of JohnLesson 1 2009-09-13.mp3 18.4 MB1:20:23
2009-09-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe WeddingExodus 242009-09-06.pdf 2009-09-06.mp3 15.2 MB1:06:47
2009-08-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Grace of Law - Part 2Exodus 21:12 - 23:192009-08-30.pdf 2009-08-30.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:00
2009-08-30PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorOld Testament OverviewUnderstanding The Old Testament - Lesson 5 2009-08-30.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:31
2009-08-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Grace of LawExodus 21 - 23:192009-08-23.pdf 2009-08-23.mp3 11.6 MB0:50:53
2009-08-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusWORSHIP MATTERSExodus 20:18-262009-08-16.pdf 2009-08-16.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:03
2009-08-16PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorOld Testament OverviewUnderstanding The Old Testament - Lesson 4 2009-08-16.mp3 17.6 MB1:17:12
2009-08-09AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorJonahGod Pursues, Jonah Prays, and God Answers!Jonah 1:17-2:10 2009-08-09.mp3 10.0 MB0:43:37
2009-08-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhat Kind Of Church Needs Missionaries?Acts 13:1-3 2009-08-02.mp3 8.1 MB0:35:24
2009-07-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusCHRISTMAS IN JULYExodus Chapters 21-402009-07-26.pdf 2009-07-26.mp3 9.8 MB0:42:41
2009-07-26PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorOld Testament OverviewUnderstanding The Old Testament - Lesson 3 2009-07-26.mp3 16.0 MB1:10:19
2009-07-19AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorJonahGOD IN PURSUITJonah 1 2009-07-19.mp3 13.7 MB1:00:17
2009-07-19PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorOld Testament OverviewUnderstanding The Old Testament - Lesson 2 2009-07-19.mp3 18.4 MB1:20:48
2009-07-12AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorOvercoming The Culture Of Consumption: Don't Let Your Master Card Master You! 2009-07-12.mp3 14.4 MB1:02:59
2009-07-12PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorOld Testament OverviewUnderstanding The Old Testament - Lesson 1 - Introduction 2009-07-12.mp3 19.1 MB1:23:41
2009-07-05AMKevin RootThe Danger Of SafetyAmos 6:1-7 2009-07-05.mp3 7.6 MB0:33:21
2009-06-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Purpose-Driven Death: You Don't Know How To Live Until You Know What To Die ForExodus 28 2009-06-28.mp3 14.5 MB1:03:30
2009-06-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?The Eye Of A NeedleMark 10:17-312009-06-28.pdf 2009-06-28.mp3 13.4 MB0:58:47
2009-06-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?The Father Who Gave His Children EverythingLuke 14:25-272009-06-21.pdf 2009-06-21.mp3 10.2 MB0:44:48
2009-06-14PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Church Discipline 2009-06-14.mp3 15.3 MB1:07:04
2009-06-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?Tell It To The ChurchMatthew 18:15-202009-06-14.pdf 2009-06-14.mp3 12.3 MB0:53:53
2009-06-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?Come And Die - Part 2Mark 8:27-38 2009-06-07.mp3 10.5 MB0:46:12
2009-06-07PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Journaling & Learning 2009-06-07.mp3 13.0 MB0:56:56
2009-05-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?Come And DieMark 8:27-382009-05-31.pdf 2009-05-31.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:23
2009-05-31PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Time And Money - Live Like You Mean It2009-05-31.pdf 2009-05-31.mp3 12.1 MB0:52:56
2009-05-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?Who's Your Daddy? - Spiritual Paternity Test1 John2009-05-24.pdf 2009-05-24.mp3 11.2 MB0:49:15
2009-05-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?You Must Be Born Again - Part 2John 3:1-212009-05-17.pdf 2009-05-17.mp3 13.2 MB0:57:53
2009-05-17PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Serving 2009-05-17.mp3 12.5 MB0:54:48
2009-05-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorJesus Said That?You Must Be Born AgainJohn 3:1-212009-05-10.pdf 2009-05-10.mp3 8.1 MB0:35:20
2009-05-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusAre We There Yet?Exodus Chapters 1-20 2009-05-03.mp3 11.4 MB0:49:53
2009-04-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusDead If We Do, Damned If We Don'tExodus 20:18-21 2009-04-26.mp3 12.8 MB0:55:55
2009-04-26PMKevin RootSpiritual Disciplines 2Corporate Worship 2009-04-26.mp3 14.5 MB1:03:24
2009-04-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusDon't Waste Your HeartExodus 20:17 2009-04-19.mp3 9.2 MB0:40:10
2009-04-19PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Prayer 2009-04-19.mp3 14.6 MB1:03:57
2009-04-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterI Hold The KeysRevelation 1:12-18 2009-04-12.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:42
2009-04-101Terry O'Brien, Administrative PastorGood FridayThe Startling ServantIsaiah 53:1-3 2009-04-10.mp3 6.23 MB0:26:32
2009-04-102Bill Nicholson, Pastoral InternGood FridayThe Suffering ServantIsaiah 53:4-5 2009-04-10.mp3 7.17 MB0:30:33
2009-04-103Kevin RootGood FridayThe Sin-Bearing ServantIsaiah 53:6 2009-04-10.mp3 5.08 MB21:38
2009-04-104Patrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorGood FridayThe Silent ServantIsaiah 53:7-9 2009-04-10.mp3 5.08 MB22:44
2009-04-105Ryan GasparattoGood FridayThe Satisfied ServantIsaiah 53:10-11 2009-04-10.mp3 7.06 MB0:30:04
2009-04-106Jerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorGood FridayThe Supreme ServantIsaiah 53:12 2009-04-10.mp3 7.45 MB0:31:45
2009-04-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusFaithful WitnessExodus 20:16 2009-04-05.mp3 11.7 MB0:51:33
2009-04-05PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Reading The Word - Part 2 2009-04-05.mp3 13.8 MB1:00:32
2009-03-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusStolen GoodsExodus 20:15 2009-03-29.mp3 10.4 MB0:45:40
2009-03-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual Disciplines 2Reading The Word 2009-03-29.mp3 10.2 MB0:44:38
2009-03-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusFor JoyExodus 20:14 2009-03-22.mp3 11.1 MB0:48:47
2009-03-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusSacred LifeExodus 20:13 2009-03-15.mp3 12.3 MB0:54:00
2009-03-15PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyRace 2009-03-15.mp3 15.6 MB1:08:32
2009-03-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorFamily MattersThe Little Church and the Big FamilyEphesians 5:22-33 2009-03-08.mp3 10.6 MB0:46:21
2009-03-08PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyWealth and Stuff 2009-03-08.mp3 12.9 MB0:56:35
2009-03-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorFamily MattersThe Image Of God In The Call To ParentDeuteronomy 6:1-9 2009-03-01.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:22
2009-03-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyThe People of God 2009-03-01.mp3 15.0 MB1:05:46
2009-02-22AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorFamily MattersWant A Biblical Marriage? Do Your Part! 2009-02-22.mp3 11.9 MB0:52:03
2009-02-22PMBill Nicholson, Pastoral InternThe Life Of Hudson Taylor 2009-02-22.mp3 13.1 MB0:57:25
2009-02-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorFamily MattersThe Face Of God In The Mirror Of MarriageGenesis 1-2 2009-02-15.mp3 12.8 MB0:56:06
2009-02-15PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyMarriage 2009-02-15.mp3 15.1 MB1:06:14
2009-02-08AMBill MooreMissionsGo Make DisciplesMatthew 28:18-20 2009-02-08.mp3 8.8 MB0:38:27
2009-02-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHonor Your Father And Mother - Part 2Exodus 20:12 2009-02-01.mp3 8.6 MB0:37:42
2009-02-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyLaw & Gospel 2009-02-01.mp3 14.3 MB1:02:30
2009-01-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHonor Your Father And Mother - Part 1Exodus 20:12 2009-01-25.mp3 10.3 MB0:45:10
2009-01-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologySlavery & Redemption 2009-01-25.mp3 14.9 MB1:05:18
2009-01-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusA Call To RestExodus 20:8-11 2009-01-18.mp3 12.3 MB0:52:19
2009-01-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyWhat Is Man? 2009-01-18.mp3 19.4 MB1:25:00
2009-01-11AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorThe Greatest Thing Is To Keep The Greatest Thing The Greatest ThingMatthew 22:34-40 2009-01-11.mp3 12.4 MB0:54:28
2009-01-11PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorBiblical TheologyTheology of the Kingdom 2009-01-11.mp3 15.7 MB1:08:50
2009-01-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHallowed Be Thy NameExodus 20:7 2009-01-04.mp3 12.1 MB0:53:01
2009-01-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBiblical TheologyThe Big Picture: Seeing and Savoring the Storyline of Scripture 2009-01-04.mp3 19.2 MB1:23:56
2008-12-28AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorListening For A ChangeHebrews 5:11-14 2008-12-28.mp3 11.6 MB0:51:04
2008-12-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Promised ProphetLuke 1:57-802008-12-21.pdf 2008-12-21.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:51
2008-12-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventGood News To Young MothersLuke 1:39-562008-12-14.pdf 2008-12-14.mp3 5.6 MB0:48:31
2008-12-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventGood News To A Young GirlLuke 1:26-382008-12-07.pdf 2008-12-07.mp3 6.2 MB0:53:03
2008-12-07PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGenesisGenesis - Part 11Genesis 42-50 2008-12-07.mp3 8.6 MB1:12:59
2008-11-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventGood News For An Old ManLuke 1:5-252008-11-30.pdf 2008-11-30.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:05
2008-11-26 Terry O'Brien, Administrative PastorThanksgivingThe Kingdom of GodHebrews 12:28 2008-11-26.mp3 2.8 MB12:01
2008-11-26 Jerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorThanksgivingThe Doctrine of Providence 2008-11-26.mp3 3.9 MB17:15
2008-11-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternitySit Tight And Be ContentHebrews 13:1-6 2008-11-23.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2008-11-23PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGenesisGenesis - Part 9Genesis 25-35 2008-11-23.mp3 9.5 MB1:21:47
2008-11-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternitySpeak Up and Be Heard1 Samuel 17 2008-11-16.mp3 5.7 MB0:50:00
2008-11-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityStand Up and Be SeenDaniel 32008-11-09.pdf 2008-11-09.mp3 6.3 MB0:54:00
2008-11-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorDangerous WorshipExodus 20:4-6 2008-11-02.mp3 5.7 MB0:48:00
2008-11-02PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGenesisGenesis - Part 7Genesis 16-22 2008-11-02.mp3 5.6 MB0:48:00
2008-10-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusGod AloneExodus 20:32008-10-26.pdf 2008-10-26.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2008-10-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusAnd God SpokeExodus 20:1-22008-10-19.pdf 2008-10-19.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2008-10-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusOur Promise Keeping GodExodus 19 2008-10-12.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2008-10-12PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGenesisGenesis - Part 6Genesis 11-15 2008-10-12.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2008-10-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusA Kingdom That Cannot Be ShakenExodus 19, Hebrews 12:18-29 2008-10-05.mp3 4.9 MB0:43:00
2008-09-28AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Awesome Voice of GodExodus 19 2008-09-28.mp3 4.8 MB0:41:00
2008-09-21PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGenesisGenesis - Part 3Genesis 5 - 6:8 2008-09-21.mp3 7.7 MB1:06:00
2008-09-21AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusGrowing Pains and GainsExodus 18 2008-09-21.mp3 4.8 MB0:41:00
2008-09-14AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHelpExodus 17:8-16 2008-09-14.mp3 5.7 MB0:50:00
2008-09-07AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Terrifying Duty of Delighting in God: Part 2Exodus 15:22 - 17:7 2008-09-07.mp3 5.5 MB0:48:00
2008-09-07PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGenesisGenesis - Part 1Genesis 1 2008-09-07.mp3 7.2 MB1:02:00
2008-08-31AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Terrifying Duty of Delighting in God: Part 1Exodus 15:22 - 17:7 2008-08-31.mp3 5.9 MB0:52:00
2008-08-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusAre We There Yet?Exodus 15:22-27 2008-08-24.mp3 5.7 MB0:50:00
2008-08-17AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorAre You Properly Dressed? What Are You Putting On?Colossians 3:12-14 2008-08-17.mp3 6.5 MB0:55:00
2008-08-10AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorWhy On Earth Are We Here? 2008-08-10.mp3 6.0 MB0:52:00
2008-08-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAtonementThe Cross - Our DNARomans 6:1-14 2008-08-03.mp3 5.4 MB0:47:00
2008-07-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAtonementYou Can Count On ItRomans 3:21-26 2008-07-27.mp3 5.4 MB0:47:00
2008-07-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAtonementThe Satisfaction of GodRomans 3:21-31 2008-07-20.mp3 6.3 MB0:55:00
2008-07-20PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 7 - Baptism
The Lord's Supper
2008-07-20.mp3 8.0 MB1:10:00
2008-07-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAtonementThe Problem Of GraceColossians 1:21-22 2008-07-13.mp3 5.4 MB0:47:00
2008-07-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 6 - The Doctrine of Glorification
The Doctrine of the Church
2008-07-13.mp3 8.0 MB1:10:00
2008-07-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusWorship at the BeachExodus 15:1-21 2008-07-06.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2008-06-29AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusDon't Just Do Something, Stand There!Exodus 13:17 - 14:31 2008-06-29.mp3 6.1 MB0:53:00
2008-06-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPost-Modernism Goes To ChurchContemporary Challenges To The GospelSession 4 2008-06-29.mp3 8.3 MB1:12:00
2008-06-22AMJohn Norbeck, Student Ministries PastorChristian Unity And The Cross1 Corinthians 1:10-17 2008-06-22.mp3 4.8 MB0:42:00
2008-06-22PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPost-Modernism Goes To ChurchContemporary Challenges To The GospelSession 32008-06-22.pdf 2008-06-22.mp3 9.6 MB1:24:00
2008-06-15AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Hardening of Pharaoh's HeartExodus 4 - 142008-06-15.pdf 2008-06-15.mp3 5.0 MB0:43:00
2008-06-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusRedemption!Exodus 12:1-362008-06-08.pdf 2008-06-08.mp3 6.4 MB0:56:00
2008-06-08PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPost-Modernism Goes To ChurchContemporary Challenges To The GospelSession 22008-06-08.pdf 2008-06-08.mp3 9.1 MB1:20:00
2008-06-01AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Firstborn Is MineExodus 11, 12:29-322008-06-01.pdf 2008-06-01.mp3 5.0 MB0:44:00
2008-06-01PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorPost-Modernism Goes To ChurchContemporary Challenges To The GospelSession 12008-06-01.pdf 2008-06-01.mp3 8.9 MB1:17:00
2008-05-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusSeeing Is Not BelievingExodus 7:14 - 12:362008-05-25.pdf 2008-05-25.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2008-05-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusWhat Are You Doing HereExodus 6:14 - 7:132008-05-18.pdf 2008-05-18.mp3 6.4 MB0:54:00
2008-05-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 5 - Perseverance of the Saints2008-05-18.pdf 2008-05-18.mp3 8.0 MB1:10:00
2008-05-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusHonor Your Father And MotherExodus 20:122008-05-11.pdf 2008-05-11.mp3 5.6 MB0:48:00
2008-05-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusI Have Remembered My CovenantExodus 6:1 - 7:72008-05-04.pdf 2008-05-04.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2008-04-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusGod, What On Earth Are You Doing Here?Exodus 52008-04-27.pdf 2008-04-27.mp3 5.6 MB0:47:00
2008-04-27PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 4 - Sanctification & Perseverence of the Saints 2008-04-27.mp3 8.6 MB1:13:00
2008-04-20AMJeramie Rinne, Pastor of South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham, MA The Way of MeritLuke 18:9-14 2008-04-20.mp3 5.9 MB0:51:00
2008-04-20PMJeramie Rinne, Pastor of South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham, MA A conversation between Pastor Bob and Pastor Jeramie Rinne 2008-04-20.mp3 7.2 MB1:02:00
2008-04-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusGod's Call On His SonExodus 4:18-312008-04-13.pdf 2008-04-13.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2008-04-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 3 - Regeneration, Conversion, & Justification 2008-04-13.mp3 8.5 MB1:12:00
2008-04-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusNamely WorshipExodus 3:14 2008-04-06.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2008-04-06PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 2 - The Effectual Call of God
2008-04-06.mp3 7.3 MB1:02:00
2008-03-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusWho Do You Think You Are?Exodus 3:11 - 4:172008-03-30.pdf 2008-03-30.mp3 5.1 MB0:43:00
2008-03-30PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_Doctrine_2Session 1 - The Doctrine of Common Grace
The Doctrine of Election
2008-03-30.mp3 8.5 MB1:12:00
2008-03-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterDo You Want To Live?Matthew 25:57 - 28:10 2008-03-23.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2008-03-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusThe Call to Come HomeExodus 3:1-102008-03-16.pdf 2008-03-16.mp3 5.1 MB0:44:00
2008-03-16PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 10 - ConclusionRomans 15:14 - 16:27 2008-03-16.mp3 7.8 MB1:07:00
2008-03-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusA Savior Who Needs To Be SavedExodus 22008-03-09.pdf 2008-03-09.mp3 5.6 MB0:48:00
2008-03-09PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 9 - The Doctrine of Service - Part 2Romans 14:1 - 15:13 2008-03-09.mp3 8.2 MB1:12:00
2008-03-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorExodusFrom Israel To IsraelExodus 12008-03-02.pdf 2008-03-02.mp3 5.5 MB0:48:00
2008-03-02PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 8 - The Doctrine of Service - Part 1Romans 12-13 2008-03-02.mp3 6.9 MB1:08:00
2008-02-24AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Call To CommunityI Corinthians 16:15-24 2008-02-24.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2008-02-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 7 - The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God - Part 2Romans 10-11 2008-02-24.mp3 8.0 MB1:10:00
2008-02-17AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Call To WarI Corinthians 16:13-44 2008-02-17.mp3 5.1 MB0:43:00
2008-02-17PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 6 - The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God - Part 1Romans 9 2008-02-17.mp3 9.9 MB1:24:00
2008-02-10AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Call To LoveI Corinthians 16:222008-02-10.pdf 2008-02-10.mp3 4.9 MB0:41:00
2008-02-03AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Call To CommunityI Corinthians 16:5-122008-02-03.pdf 2008-02-03.mp3 5.9 MB0:50:00
2008-02-03PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 5 - Doctrine of Sanctification - Part 2Romans 8 2008-02-03.mp3 8.7 MB1:14:00
2008-01-27AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAbout The CollectionI Corinthians 16:1-42008-01-27.pdf 2008-01-27.mp3 4.5 MB0:39:00
2008-01-27PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 4 - Doctrine of Sanctification - Part 1Romans 6 - 7 2008-01-27.mp3 8.8 MB1:15:00
2008-01-20AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansNot In VainI Corinthians 15:582008-01-20.pdf 2008-01-20.mp3 5.1 MB0:44:00
2008-01-20PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 3 - Doctrine of SalvationRomans 3:21 - 5:21 2008-01-20.mp3 7.9 MB1:07:00
2008-01-13AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Death of DeathI Corinthians 15:53-572008-01-13.pdf 2008-01-13.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2008-01-13PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 2 - Doctrine of SinRomans 1:18 - 3:20 2008-01-13.mp3 8.8 MB1:17:00
2008-01-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansChanging Your View On ChangeI Corinthians 15:50-522008-01-06.pdf 2008-01-06.mp3 5.0 MB0:44:00
2008-01-06PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorRomans_StudySession 1 - IntroductionRomans 1:1-17 2008-01-06.mp3 8.0 MB1:09:00
2007-12-30AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorYour Number One Priority in 2008, and Beyond2 Peter 1:1-112007-12-30.pdf 2007-12-30.mp3 5.1 MB0:43:00
2007-12-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorChristmas Eve Service 2007-12-24.mp3 2.1 MB0:18:00
2007-12-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventPromise Made - Promise Kept - Part 4Matthew 2:16-18 2007-12-23.mp3 5.6 MB0:49:00
2007-12-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventPromise Made - Promise Kept - Part 3Matthew 2:13-15 2007-12-16.mp3 6.0 MB0:52:00
2007-12-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventPromise Made - Promise Kept - Part 2Matthew 2:1-62007-12-09.pdf 2007-12-09.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2007-12-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventPromise Made - Promise Kept - Part 1Matthew 1:22-232007-12-02.pdf 2007-12-02.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2007-12-02PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 10Paradise and Paradise Lost 2007-12-02.mp3 7.7 MB1:06:00
2007-11-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityStuff Doesn't Last - People DoRomans 14:13-232007-11-25.pdf 2007-11-25.mp3 6.9 MB0.041666667
2007-11-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 9Angels: Elect and Evil 2007-11-25.mp3 7.7 MB1:07:00
2007-11-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityVision For A Kingdom-Hearted ChurchEphesians 3:10-21 2007-11-18.mp3 5.7 MB0:50:00
2007-11-11AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLiving For Eternity, Now - Part 3I Corinthians 15:502007-11-11.pdf 2007-11-11.mp3 4.6 MB0:40:00
2007-11-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 8Prayer 2007-11-11.mp3 7.0 MB0.041666667
2007-11-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLiving For Eternity, Now - Part 2I Corinthians 15:35-49 2007-11-04.mp3 4.1 MB0:35:00
2007-11-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 7God's Providence 2007-11-04.mp3 7.3 MB1:04:00
2007-10-28AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLiving For Eternity, Now - Part 1I Corinthians 15:20-282007-10-28.pdf 2007-10-28.mp3 4.4 MB0:38:00
2007-10-28AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorWorship WorkshopDefining Authentic Biblical Worship 2007-10-28.mp3 4.7 MB0:41:00
2007-10-28PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 6Creation 2007-10-28.mp3 8.0 MB1:09:00
2007-10-26AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorWorship WorkshopFriday Workshop - Part 1Worship Workshop 2007-10-26.mp3 8.2 MB1:12:00
2007-10-26AMNathan Platt, Associate PastorWorship WorkshopFriday Workshop - Part 2Worship Workshop 2007-10-26.mp3 9.0 MB1:19:00
2007-10-21AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAre You Crazy?I Corinthians 15:29-34 2007-10-21.mp3 4.6 MB0:40:00
2007-10-21PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 5The Trinity2007-10-21.pdf 2007-10-21.mp3 8.0 MB1:10:00
2007-10-14AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorA Time To KillColossians 3:5-11 2007-10-14.mp3 4.8 MB0:41:00
2007-10-14PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorBible_DoctrineSession 4The Communicable Attributes of God
The Trinity
2007-10-14.pdf 2007-10-14.mp3 6.9 MB0.041666667
2007-10-07AMKeith Kaynor, Missions PastorMissionsPray, Give, Go 2007-10-07.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2007-09-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsPartners in the CallPhilippians 4:10-202007-09-30.pdf 2007-09-30.mp3 4.4 MB0:39:00
2007-09-30PMTerry McIntosh, Berean Baptist Church in LivoniaMissionsMissions Conference: Antioch Initiative CoalitionActs 13:1-3 2007-09-30.mp3 3.9 MB0:33:00
2007-09-23AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Reasonable Faith - Part 2I Corinthians 15:20-282007-09-23.pdf 2007-09-23.mp3 5.1 MB0:44:00
2007-09-23PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 3The Word of God - Part 22007-09-23.pdf 2007-09-23.mp3 8.4 MB1:11:00
2007-09-16PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorWhen Smaller Is Better2 Kings 5 2007-09-16.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2007-09-16PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorBible_DoctrineSession 2The Word of God - Part 12007-09-16.pdf 2007-09-16.mp3 8.0 MB1:10:00
2007-09-09AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Reasonable FaithI Corinthians 15:12-19 2007-09-09.mp3 4.9 MB0:43:00
2007-09-09PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorBible_DoctrineSession 1Doctrine: Does It Really Matter2007-09-09.pdf 2007-09-09.mp3 7.4 MB1:03:00
2007-09-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansBy GraceI Corinthians 15:8-11 2007-09-02.mp3 5.1 MB0:44:00
2007-08-26AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAfter School SpecialI Corinthians 15:3-8 2007-08-26.mp3 5.3 MB0:46:00
2007-08-19AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorLet The Contest BeginVarious Scriptures 2007-08-19.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2007-08-12AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorHeart MattersHeart Matters: Be Careful On What You Set Your Heart! 2007-08-12.mp3 6.9 MB0:59:00
2007-08-12PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 10 - The Discipline of Stewardship - Giving 2007-08-12.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2007-08-05AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorHeart MattersHeart Matters: Getting to the Heart of Behavior 2007-08-05.mp3 7.0 MB0.041666667
2007-07-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThey Are Precious In His SightMatthew 18:1-142007-07-29.pdf 2007-07-29.mp3 4.3 MB0:36:00
2007-07-29PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 9 - The Discipline of Stewardship 2007-07-29.mp3 7.8 MB1:07:00
2007-07-22AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Priority Of The GospelI Corinthians 15:1-22007-07-22.pdf 2007-07-22.mp3 5.9 MB0:50:00
2007-07-22PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 8 - The Discipline of Serving 2007-07-22.mp3 8.4 MB1:11:00
2007-07-15AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThree Rules for Worship - Part 3I Corinthians 14:36-402007-07-15.pdf 2007-07-15.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2007-07-15PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 7 - The Discipline of Evangelism 2007-07-15.mp3 7.4 MB1:03:00
2007-07-08AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThree Rules for Worship - Part 2I Corinthians 14:26-352007-07-08.pdf 2007-07-08.mp3 6.4 MB0:54:00
2007-07-08PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 6 - The Discipline of Worship 2007-07-08.mp3 6.8 MB0:58:00
2007-07-01AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThree Rules for WorshipI Corinthians 14:26-352007-07-01.pdf 2007-07-01.mp3 4.2 MB0:37:00
2007-07-01PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 5 - God's Pattern For PrayerMatthew 6:9-13 2007-07-01.mp3 6.5 MB0:56:00
2007-06-24AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAfter Darkness, Light1 Corinthians 14:20-252007-06-24.pdf 2007-06-24.mp3 4.7 MB0:40:00
2007-06-24PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 4 - The Discipline of Prayer 2007-06-24.mp3 7.1 MB1:01:00
2007-06-17AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansBut, Does It Edify?1 Corinthians 14:1-192007-06-17.pdf 2007-06-17.mp3 4.3 MB0:37:00
2007-06-10AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Big Deal About the Gift of Tongues1 Corinthians 14:1-5 2007-06-10.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2007-06-10PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 3 - The Discipline of Bible Intake - Part 2 2007-06-10.mp3 7.9 MB1:07:00
2007-06-03AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, What is the Gift of Tongues? - Part 21 Corinthians 14:1-52007-06-03.pdf 2007-06-03.mp3 5.1 MB0:43:00
2007-06-03PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 2 - The Discipline of Bible Intake 2007-06-03.mp3 7.0 MB0:59:00
2007-05-27AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, What is the Gift of Tongues?1 Corinthians 14:1-52007-05-27.pdf 2007-05-27.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2007-05-20AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, What is the Gift of Prophecy?1 Corinthians 14:1-52007-05-20.pdf 2007-05-20.mp3 5.7 MB0:50:00
2007-05-20PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSpiritual DisciplinesSession 1 - On your mark, get set, grow!2007-05-20.pdf 2007-05-20.mp3 3.7 MB0:31:00
2007-05-13AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansExcuse Me, Where's The Forest?1 Corinthians 14:1-52007-05-13.pdf 2007-05-13.mp3 3.8 MB0:33:00
2007-05-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Greatest of These - Part 21 Corinthians 13:132007-05-06.pdf 2007-05-06.mp3 5.4 MB0:47:00
2007-04-29AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Greatest of These - Part 11 Corinthians 13:8-122007-04-29.pdf 2007-04-29.mp3 5.6 MB0:47:00
2007-04-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 10 - Jesus Keep Me Near The CrossEphesians 1 & 32007-04-29.pdf 2007-04-29.mp3 6.6 MB0:58:00
2007-04-22AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhat Went Wrong?: Trying to Make Sense of Seemingly Senseless EventsHabakkuk 3:17-192007-04-22.pdf 2007-04-22.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2007-04-22PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 9 - Oh Great! Now I've Got GuiltRomans 5.1-11; Galatians 3.1-52007-04-22.pdf 2007-04-22.mp3 7.9 MB1:07:00
2007-04-15AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorWhere Is Your FocusColossians 3:1-4 2007-04-15.mp3 4.6 MB0:39:00
2007-04-15PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 8 - Arresting Joy ThievesPhilippians 1.12-262007-04-15.pdf 2007-04-15.mp3 7.4 MB1:03:00
2007-04-08AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterFor God, for youEphesians 2:1-102007-04-08.pdf 2007-04-08.mp3 4.9 MB0:43:00
2007-04-061Bob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayPromise/FulfillmentHebrews 9 2007-04-06.mp3 3.0 MB0:25:00
2007-04-062Keith Kaynor, Missions PastorGood FridayThe Silence of THE LambMatthew 26:62-64 2007-04-06.mp3 2.8 MB0:24:00
2007-04-063Patrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorGood FridayThe Dividing of the GarmentsJohn 19:24-25 2007-04-06.mp3 2.7 MB0:23:00
2007-04-064Kerry WeishauptGood FridayPierced But Not BrokenJohn 19:36-37 2007-04-06.mp3 3.2 MB0:27:00
2007-04-065Terry O'Brien, Administrative PastorGood FridayNumbered With The TransgressorsIsaiah 53:12, Luke 22:37 2007-04-06.mp3 3.7 MB0:32:00
2007-04-066Jerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorGood FridayShadow/RealityHebrews 10:1-18 2007-04-06.mp3 3.0 MB0:25:00
2007-04-01AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLove Always Loves1 Corinthians 13:72007-04-01.pdf 2007-04-01.mp3 5.1 MB0:45:00
2007-03-25AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Corinthians1 Corinthians Rebooted1 Corinthians 13:62007-03-25.pdf 2007-03-25.mp3 4.8 MB0:41:00
2007-03-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 7 - Clarifying the GoalRomans 8.17-302007-03-25.pdf 2007-03-25.mp3 7.0 MB1:01:00
2007-03-18AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Betrayal of Bitterness1 Corinthians 13:52007-03-18.pdf 2007-03-18.mp3 4.5 MB0:39:00
2007-03-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 6 - God, Forsaken By GodMatthew 27.45-462007-03-18.pdf 2007-03-18.mp3 6.5 MB0:57:00
2007-03-11AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLove Is Secure1 Corinthians 13:4-52007-03-11.pdf 2007-03-11.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2007-03-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 5 - Taking Aim At Our EnemiesRomans 8:1, Matthew 26:36-392007-03-11.pdf 2007-03-11.mp3 8.0 MB1:08:00
2007-03-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLove Does Not Boil1 Corinthians 13:42007-03-04.pdf 2007-03-04.mp3 4.4 MB0:38:00
2007-03-04PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 4 - Tarabithia and the Gospel1 Timothy 2:5-62007-03-04.pdf 2007-03-04.mp3 7.8 MB1:06:00
2007-02-25AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorHow To Win The War Against Evil!Romans 12:17-212007-02-25.pdf 2007-02-25.mp3 4.7 MB0:40:00
2007-02-25PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 3 - The Divine Dilemma 2007-02-25.mp3 5.0 MB0:43:00
2007-02-18AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansKind Love1 Corinthians 13:42007-02-18.pdf 2007-02-18.mp3 4.8 MB0:42:00
2007-02-18PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 2 - Realizing the Grid is God-MadeRomans 82007-02-18.pdf 2007-02-18.mp3 6.9 MB0:59:00
2007-02-11AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLoving Patience1 Corinthians 13:42007-02-11.pdf 2007-02-11.mp3 5.1 MB0:44:00
2007-02-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving the Cross-Centered LifeSession 1 - Figuring Out the Grid1 Corinthians 15:1-82007-02-11.pdf 2007-02-11.mp3 7.8 MB1:07:00
2007-02-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Wasted Sacrifice1 Corinthians 13:32007-02-04.pdf 2007-02-04.mp3 4.4 MB0:38:00
2007-02-04PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansIt's a War Out There (And In Here) - Part 2Ephesians 6:10-20 2007-02-04.mp3 6.0 MB0:52:00
2007-01-28AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansMr. Big Shot1 Corinthians 13:22007-01-28.pdf 2007-01-28.mp3 4.5 MB0:40:00
2007-01-21AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhat If It's All Talk?1 Corinthians 132007-01-21.pdf 2007-01-21.mp3 4.5 MB0:39:00
2007-01-21PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansIt's a War Out There (And In Here)Ephesians 6:10-20 2007-01-21.mp3 6.6 MB0:58:00
2007-01-14AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Most Excellent Way1 Corinthians 132007-01-14.pdf 2007-01-14.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2007-01-14PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansYour Work Matters To GodEphesians 6:5-9 2007-01-14.mp3 6.6 MB0:57:00
2007-01-07AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansBetter Than The Website1 Corinthians 132007-01-07.pdf 2007-01-07.mp3 4.6 MB0:39:00
2007-01-07PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGetting To The Heart of Your ChildEphesians 6:4 2007-01-07.mp3 7.1 MB0.041666667
2006-12-31AMFred FromanA Ministry of Suffering2 Corinthians 1:3-11 2006-12-31.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2006-12-24AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Magi - Gentile Converts?Matthew 2:1-12 2006-12-24.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2006-12-24PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorChristmas Eve ServiceIsaiah 9:6 2006-12-24.mp3 1.2 MB0:10:00
2006-12-17AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventShepherds - The First EvangelistsLuke 2:8-20 2006-12-17.mp3 4.6 MB0:39:00
2006-12-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventAngels - The Call of LightHebrews 1:5-142006-12-10.pdf 2006-12-10.mp3 5.6 MB0:47:00
2006-12-03AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventProphets - The Thankless CallDeuteronomy 18:15-192006-12-03.pdf 2006-12-03.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2006-12-03PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansReflecting God's Image Through Christ-Centered Parenting - Part 2Ephesians 6:4 2006-12-03.mp3 8.0 MB1:08:00
2006-11-26AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityWhat Are You Worried About?Matthew 6:25-342006-11-26.pdf 2006-11-26.mp3 4.7 MB0:40:00
2006-11-26PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansReflecting God's Image Through Christ-Centered Parenting - Part 1Ephesians 6:4 2006-11-26.mp3 6.5 MB0:57:00
2006-11-19AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityFool's GoldMatthew 6:242006-11-19.pdf 2006-11-19.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2006-11-12AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityWhat Are You Looking At?Matthew 6:22-232006-11-12.pdf 2006-11-12.mp3 4.7 MB0:41:00
2006-11-12PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGod's Plan for the Christian Home
Part 1: The Responsibilities of Children
Ephesians 6:1-3 2006-11-12.mp3 7.2 MB1:02:00
2006-11-05AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityWhere Is Your Treasure?Matthew 6:19-212006-11-05.pdf 2006-11-05.mp3 4.2 MB0:36:00
2006-11-05PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGoogling God's Plan For His Church - and You!Ephesians2006-11-05.pdf 2006-11-05.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2006-10-29AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhat If We Really Got It?1 Corninthians 12: 27-312006-10-29.pdf 2006-10-29.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2006-10-22AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansIt Takes the Whole Team1 Corninthians 12: 14-262006-10-22.pdf 2006-10-22.mp3 5.9 MB0:50:00
2006-10-22PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSmall GroupsGetting Prepared For Small Groups: When, Where, and How Will Small Groups Happen?2006-10-22.pdf 2006-10-22.mp3 9.2 MB1:18:00
2006-10-15AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Baptism of the Spirit1 Corninthians 12: 12-132006-10-15.pdf 2006-10-15.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2006-10-15PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSmall GroupsBrad & Teren SechristA Personal Experience with Small Groups 2006-10-15.mp3 7.4 MB1:03:00
2006-10-08AMDoug Nichols, Executive Director of Action International MinistriesMissionsLuke 9:10-17 2006-10-08.mp3 7.3 MB1:02:00
2006-10-08PMDon Magee, Pastor of Lakes Baptist Church of Walled LakeMissions2 Corinthians 8:1-7 2006-10-08.mp3 3.7 MB0:31:00
2006-10-01AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLive Like You Own It1 Corninthians 12: 12-132006-10-01.pdf 2006-10-01.mp3 4.7 MB0:40:00
2006-10-01PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSmall GroupsGetting Practical About Small Groups: What Do Small Groups Do?2006-10-01.pdf 2006-10-01.mp3 6.4 MB0:55:00
2006-09-24AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansGifts: Grace for God Exalting1 Corninthians 12: 7-112006-09-24.pdf 2006-09-24.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2006-09-24PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSmall GroupsSmall Groups: Why You Need Them?2006-09-24.pdf 2006-09-24.mp3 6.0 MB0:52:00
2006-09-17AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, What About Healings and Miracles?1 Corninthians 12: 9-112006-09-17.pdf 2006-09-17.mp3 6.4 MB0:54:00
2006-09-17PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorSmall GroupsSmall Groups: Why Do We Need Them? (Part 1)2006-09-17.pdf 2006-09-17.mp3 6.2 MB0:53:00
2006-09-10AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansLife - Fitness For The Church1 Corinthians 12:7-132006-09-10.pdf 2006-09-10.mp3 5.4 MB0:47:00
2006-09-03AMSaji Lukos, Reaching Indians Ministries InternationalMissionsJohn 4:27-42 2006-09-03.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2006-08-27AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Gift of Faith1 Corninthians 12: 92006-08-27.pdf 2006-08-27.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2006-08-20AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorThe Mood That Ruins Worship: Confronting the Peril of ComplainingPsalm 95:7b-112006-08-20.pdf 2006-08-20.mp3 6.4 MB0:54:00
2006-08-20PMTerry O'Brien, Administrative PastorFive Observations About The Kingdom of GodMatthew 13 2006-08-20.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2006-08-13AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorGetting Into The Mood To Worship
Understanding What Worship Is Really All About
Psalm 952006-08-13.pdf 2006-08-13.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2006-08-13PMFred FromanFaintheartJudges 6:1-40 2006-08-13.mp3 4.6 MB0:39:00
2006-08-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, What About These Spiritual Gifts Anyway?1 Corninthians 12: 8-102006-08-06.pdf 2006-08-06.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2006-07-30AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Corinthians"It Takes The Whole Church" - Part 31 Corninthians 12: 1-112006-07-30.pdf 2006-07-30.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2006-07-23AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Corinthians"It Takes The Whole Church" - Part 21 Corninthians 12: 1-112006-07-23.pdf 2006-07-23.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2006-07-16AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 Corinthians"It Takes A Church" - Part 11 Corninthians 12: 1-112006-07-16.pdf 2006-07-16.mp3 5.3 MB0:46:00
2006-07-16PMFred FromanA Left Handed SaviorJudges 3:12-31 2006-07-16.mp3 4.1 MB0:35:00
2006-07-09AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansDifferent, Yet The Same1 Corninthians 12-142006-07-09.pdf 2006-07-09.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2006-07-02AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastor1 CorinthiansYou Preach! - Part 1I Corinthians 11:23-262006-07-02.pdf 2006-07-02.mp3 2.5 MB0:21:00
2006-07-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansYou Preach! - Part 2I Corinthians 11:23-262006-07-02.pdf 2006-07-02.mp3 2.5 MB0:22:00
2006-07-02PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorThe Church And The Kingdom of God 2006-07-02.mp3 5.0 MB0:43:00
2006-06-25AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansIn Your Heart or In Your FaceI Corinthians 11:23-242006-06-25.pdf 2006-06-25.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2006-06-18AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhen Church is Dangerous - Part 2I Corinthians 11:17-222006-06-18.pdf 2006-06-18.mp3 4.3 MB0:36:00
2006-06-11AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhen Church is Dangerous - Part 1I Corinthians 11:17-222006-06-11.pdf 2006-06-11.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2006-06-11PMChad HolmgrenColossians 3:1-17 2006-06-11.mp3 3.9 MB0:33:00
2006-06-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansH3 (Hierarchy, Hats and Hair) Part 5I Corinthians 11:2-10 2006-06-04.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2006-06-04PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorDa Vinci CodeA Response to The Da Vinci Code - Part 2 2006-06-04.mp3 5.7 MB0:48:00
2006-05-28AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansH3 (Hierarchy, Hats and Hair) Part 4I Corinthians 11:2-102006-05-28.pdf 2006-05-28.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2006-05-28PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorDa Vinci CodeA Response to The Da Vinci Code - Part 1 2006-05-28.mp3 7.8 MB1:06:00
2006-05-21AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansH3 (Hierarchy, Hats and Hair) Part 3I Corinthians 11:2-102006-05-21.pdf 2006-05-21.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2006-05-14AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansH3 (Hierarchy, Hats and Hair) Part 2I Corinthians 11:2-102006-05-14.pdf 2006-05-14.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2006-05-07AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansH3 (Hierarchy, Hats and Hair) Part 1I Corinthians 11:2-102006-05-07.pdf 2006-05-07.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2006-04-30AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhat does it mean to be a follower of Christ?Come To JesusMatthew 21:28-32006-04-30.pdf 2006-04-30.mp3 8.5 MB0:48:00
2006-04-23AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhat does it mean to be a follower of Christ?To Save SinnersI Timothy 1:1-152006-04-23.pdf 2006-04-23.mp3 4.4 MB0:37:00
2006-04-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorWhat does it mean to be a follower of Christ?Who Is This King of GloryRevelation 1:12-202006-04-16.pdf 2006-04-16.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2006-04-141Chad HolmgrenGood FridayI AM the Bread of LifeJohn 6:35 2006-04-14.mp3 1.8 MB0:15:00
2006-04-142Terry RehnertGood FridayI AM the Light of the WorldJohn 8:12 2006-04-14.mp3 2.3 MB0:20:00
2006-04-143Patrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorGood FridayI AMJohn 8:58 2006-04-14.mp3 2.2 MB0:19:00
2006-04-144John FergusonGood FridayI AM the GateJohn 10:7 2006-04-14.mp3 2.5 MB0:21:00
2006-04-145Fred FromanGood FridayI AM the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11 2006-04-14.mp3 2.1 MB0:18:00
2006-04-146Jerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorGood FridayI AM the Resurrection and the LifeJohn 11:25 2006-04-14.mp3 2.7 MB0:23:00
2006-04-147Bob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayI AM the Way, the Truth, and the LifeJohn 14:6 2006-04-14.mp3 2.3 MB0:20:00
2006-04-148Terry O'Brien, Administrative PastorGood FridayI AM the True VineJohn 15:1 2006-04-14.mp3 2.4 MB0:20:00
2006-04-09AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAquarium Living - Part 2I Corinthians 10:23 - 11:12006-04-09.pdf 2006-04-09.mp3 5.6 MB0:47:00
2006-04-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAquarium Living - Part 1I Corinthians 10:23 - 11:12006-04-02.pdf 2006-04-02.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2006-04-02PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansMore on Roles - and the Role ModelEphesians 5:22-322006-04-02.pdf 2006-04-02.mp3 7.2 MB1:01:00
2006-03-26AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansRun For Your LifeI Corinthians 10:14-222006-03-26.pdf 2006-03-26.mp3 4.8 MB0:41:00
2006-03-26ABFRobert D. JonesUprooting Anger: Biblical Help For A Common Problem 2006-03-26.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2006-03-26PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansHelping Your Marriage Dance to God's Music In a World That is Totally Out-of-Sync!Ephesians 5:22-322006-03-26.pdf 2006-03-26.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2006-03-19AMMark Dutton, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette, IndianaSeeking the Lord: A Position of BlessingII Chronicles 26 2006-03-19.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2006-03-19PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGod's Strongest Argument For Intelligent DesignEphesians 5:212006-03-19.pdf 2006-03-19.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2006-03-18 Memorial Service for Kayleen Elizabeth MerryAutumn Ridge Church 2006-03-18.mp3 14.0 MB1:20:00
2006-03-12AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, You Think You're Tough - eh? (Part 2)I Corinthians 10:1-132006-03-12.pdf 2006-03-12.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2006-03-12PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansThanksgiving: It's More Than a HolidayEphesians 5:202006-03-12.pdf 2006-03-12.mp3 7.2 MB1:02:00
2006-03-05AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSo, You Think You're Tough - eh?I Corinthians 10:1-132006-03-05.pdf 2006-03-05.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2006-03-05PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansDoes Giving Thanks for Everything Really Mean "Everything?"Ephesians 5:202006-03-05.pdf 2006-03-05.mp3 4.7 MB0:40:00
2006-02-26AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorHis Story, Your Story, Our StoryJohn 5:39-402006-02-26.pdf 2006-02-26.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2006-02-26PMJohn FergusonJesus Is BetterHebrews 1:1-3 2006-02-26.mp3 4.7 MB0:40:00
2006-02-19AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansFor Christ's Sake . . . Run!I Corinthians 9:24-272006-02-19.pdf 2006-02-19.mp3 6.3 MB0:53:00
2006-02-19PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansWhat Happens When A Body Gets Coordinated With Its Head? (Part 2)Ephesians 5:18-212006-02-19.pdf 2006-02-19.mp3 6.9 MB0:59:00
2006-02-12AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhen in Rome, Do As . . . JesusI Corinthians 9:19-232006-02-12.pdf 2006-02-12.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2006-02-05AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Gospel, For FreeI Corinthians 9:15-182006-02-05.pdf 2006-02-05.mp3 5.0 MB0:42:00
2006-02-05PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansWhat Happens When A Body Gets Coordinated With Its Head? (Part 1)Ephesians 5:18-212006-02-05.pdf 2006-02-05.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2006-01-29AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansMinistry for FreeI Corinthians 9:1-142006-01-29.pdf 2006-01-29.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2006-01-22AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAll In The Family - Part 2I Corinthians 8:9-132006-01-22.pdf 2006-01-22.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2006-01-22PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansLiving Life Strategically - Part 3Ephesians 5:15-17 2006-01-22.mp3 7.0 MB0.041666667
2006-01-15AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAll In The Family - Part 1I Corinthians 8:7-82006-01-15.pdf 2006-01-15.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2006-01-15PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansLiving Life Strategically - Part 2Ephesians 5:15-17 2006-01-15.mp3 6.8 MB0:58:00
2006-01-08AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansSwelling or GrowthI Corinthians 8:1-62006-01-08.pdf 2006-01-08.mp3 5.3 MB0:45:00
2006-01-08PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansLiving Life StrategicallyEphesians 5:15-172006-01-08.pdf 2006-01-08.mp3 6.3 MB0:54:00
2006-01-01AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansIt Takes a Healthy ChurchI Corinthians 12:12-13 2006-01-01.mp3 5.9 MB0:51:00
2005-12-25AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Right CauseGalatians 4:4-5 2005-12-25.mp3 3.7 MB0:31:00
2005-12-18AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Right PurposeGalatians 4:4-52005-12-18.pdf 2005-12-18.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2005-12-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Right WayGalatians 4:4-52005-12-11.pdf 2005-12-11.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2005-12-04AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Right OneGalatians 4:4-52005-12-04.pdf 2005-12-04.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2005-12-04PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansTurn Off Lust, Turn On The Light - Part 2Ephesians 5:8-142005-12-04.pdf 2005-12-04.mp3 5.6 MB0:48:00
2005-11-27PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansTurn Off Lust, Turn On The LightEphesians 5:3-142005-11-27.pdf 2005-11-27.mp3 7.1 MB1:01:00
2005-11-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorAdventThe Right TimeGalatians 4:4-5 2005-11-27.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2005-11-23Bob Johnson, Senior PastorThanksgivingThanksgiving Eve ServiceLuke 17:11-19 2005-11-23.mp3 3.1 MB0:27:00
2005-11-20AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityGive Up To GainHebrews 11:23-28, 12:1-22005-11-20.pdf 2005-11-20.mp3 4.4 MB0:37:00
2005-11-13AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityWhat Are You Looking At?Hebrews 11:23-28 2005-11-13.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2005-11-13PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansPutting On ChristEphesians 4:25-5:2 2005-11-13.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-11-06AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorLiving For EternityTomorrow's HindsightHebrews 11:232005-11-06.pdf 2005-11-06.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2005-11-06PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansDress For Success!Ephesians 4:25-5:22005-11-06.pdf 2005-11-06.mp3 6.2 MB0:53:00
2005-10-30AMMark Dever, Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.Fuzzy FaithMark 8: 22-26 2005-10-30.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2005-10-23AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThe Fight For UnityI Corinthians 1-72005-10-23.pdf 2005-10-23.mp3 4.9 MB0:41:00
2005-10-23PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansBasic Requirements for Biblical Body-BuildingEphesians 4:17-242005-10-23.pdf 2005-10-23.mp3 7.1 MB0.041666667
2005-10-16AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansAre You Ready For This?I Corinthians 7:25-352005-10-16.pdf 2005-10-16.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2005-10-16PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGod's Blueprint For Building Up His ChurchEphesians 4:7-162005-10-16.pdf 2005-10-16.mp3 5.9 MB0:50:00
2005-10-09AMFrank SevernMissionsSEND International 2005-10-09.mp3 3.4 MB0:29:00
2005-10-09PMBob ProvostMissionsAntioch Initiative Commissioning Service 2005-10-09.mp3 3.6 MB0:31:00
2005-10-02AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansIs The Grass Really Greener?I Corinthians 7:17-242005-10-02.pdf 2005-10-02.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2005-10-02PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansLearning To Put Feet To Your PrayersEphesians 4:1-62005-10-02.pdf 2005-10-02.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2005-09-25AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansTill Death Do Us PartI Corinthians 7:10-162005-09-25.pdf 2005-09-25.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2005-09-25PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansWorld Class Praying: Learning To Enlarge Your Prayer LifeEphesians 3:14-212005-09-25.pdf 2005-09-25.mp3 5.3 MB0:46:00
2005-09-18AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansTwo GiftsI Corinthians 7:1-92005-09-18.pdf 2005-09-18.mp3 6.4 MB0:54:00
2005-09-18PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansHow Do We Bridge The Gap Between Who We Are and How We Are To Live?Ephesians 3:14-212005-09-18.pdf 2005-09-18.mp3 5.6 MB0:47:00
2005-09-11AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMissionsIf We Know JesusMatthew 28:19-20; Ephesians 4:11-162005-09-11.pdf 2005-09-11.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2005-09-11PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorMIssionsThe Antioch InitiativeMatthew 28:19-202005-09-11.pdf 2005-09-11.mp3 7.4 MB1:03:00
2005-09-04AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansCan You Relate To That?Ecclesiastes 4:4-12 and 1 Cor 72005-09-04.pdf 2005-09-04.mp3 4.1 MB0:35:00
2005-08-28AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThink Jesus!! Part 3I Corinthians 6:18-202005-08-28.pdf 2005-08-28.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2005-08-21AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThink Jesus!! Part 2I Corinthians 6:12-172005-08-21.pdf 2005-08-21.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-08-21PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansThe Church Is Located at Center and Main!Ephesians 3:1-132005-08-21.pdf 2005-08-21.mp3 7.3 MB1:02:00
2005-08-14AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansThink Jesus!! Part 1I Corinthians 6:9-112005-08-14.pdf 2005-08-14.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2005-08-14PMDennis FiloppovTestimoniesPersonal TestimonyMark 3:13 2005-08-14.mp3 4.3 MB0:37:00
2005-08-07AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhat Is The Problem - Really?I Corinthians 6:6-82005-08-07.pdf 2005-08-07.mp3 3.7 MB0:32:00
2005-07-31AMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastor1 CorinthiansOrder In God's CourtI Corinthians 6:1-62005-07-31.pdf 2005-07-31.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2005-07-31PMKeith Kaynor, Missions PastorA Life Worth Knowing1 Samuel 16:1-13 2005-07-31.mp3 5.7 MB0:48:00
2005-07-24AMFred Froman1 CorinthiansClean SweepI Corinthians 5:9-132005-07-24.pdf 2005-07-24.mp3 3.7 MB0:32:00
2005-07-24PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGrace Works Both Ways (Part 2)Ephesians 2:11-222005-07-24.pdf 2005-07-24.mp3 6.4MB0:55:00
2005-07-17AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansIt's Just A Little BitI Corinthians 5:6-82005-07-17.pdf 2005-07-17.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-07-17PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorTurning Life's Desert Into DessertPsalm 632005-07-17.pdf 2005-07-17.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2005-07-10AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Divided House Cannot . . .I Corinthians 5:1-52005-07-10.pdf 2005-07-10.mp3 6.6 MB0:57:00
2005-07-10PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansGrace Works Both Ways (Part 1)Ephesians 2:11-222005-07-10.pdf 2005-07-10.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2005-07-03AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansReal Leadership, Really!I Corinthians 4:14-212005-07-03.pdf 2005-07-03.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2005-06-26AMFred FromanTestimoniesWhen The Grace Is PersonalJob 2:10, Isaiah 45:7, Lamentations 3:37-38 2005-06-26.mp3 6.5 MB0:56:00
2005-06-26PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansA Radical Remedy for a Radical DiseaseEphesians 2:4-102005-06-26.pdf 2005-06-26.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-06-19AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansDon't I Deserve to be HappyI Corinthians 4:8-132005-06-19.pdf 2005-06-19.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2005-06-12AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansTrusted LeadershipI Corinthians 4:1-72005-06-12.pdf 2005-06-12.mp3 6.4 MB0:55:00
2005-06-12PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansSo, Where's The Power?Ephesians 2:1-32005-06-12.pdf 2005-06-12.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2005-06-05AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansGet It AllI Corinthians 3:18-232005-06-05.pdf 2005-06-05.mp3 5.7 MB0:49:00
2005-06-05PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansHe's Got The PowerEphesians 1:17-232005-06-05.pdf 2005-06-05.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-05-29AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Spirit Driven MinistryI Corinthians 3:16-172005-05-29.pdf 2005-05-29.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-05-29PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorDoing Church In The Information AgeActs 20:17-312005-05-29.pdf 2005-05-29.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2005-05-22AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Jesus Driven MinistryI Corinthians 3:10-152005-05-22.pdf 2005-05-22.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2005-05-15AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA God Driven MinistryI Corinthians 3:5-92005-05-15.pdf 2005-05-15.mp3 4.5 MB0:39:00
2005-05-08AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansCold HeatI Corinthians 3:1-42005-05-08.pdf 2005-05-08.mp3 5.1 MB0:43:00
2005-05-01AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansGod's 'Foolish' Wisdom - Part 3I Corinthians 2.14-162005-05-01.pdf 2005-05-01.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2005-04-24AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansGod's 'Foolish' Wisdom - Part 2I Corinthians 2:10b-132005-04-24.pdf 2005-04-24.mp3 6.7 MB0:57:00
2005-04-17AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansGod's 'Foolish' Wisdom - Part 1I Corinthians 2:6-10a2005-04-17.pdf 2005-04-17.mp3 5.2 MB0:45:00
2005-04-10AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorDietrich BonhoefferThe Cost of Discipleship (The Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer)Matthew 10:37-392005-04-10.pdf 2005-04-10.mp3 6.8 MB0:58:00
2005-04-10PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorDietrich BonhoefferThe Cost of Discipleship (The Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Part 2)Matthew 10:37-392005-04-10.pdf 2005-04-10.mp3 7.3 MB1:02:00
2005-04-03AMJames WhiteThe Gospel and John Paul IIRomans 4:1-8 2005-04-03.mp3 5.2 MB0:44:00
2005-04-03PMPhil JohnsonThree Truths About Secret SinsPsalm 90:8 2005-04-03.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2005-03-27AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorEasterThe Morning That Death DiedI Corinthians 15:512005-03-27.pdf 2005-03-27.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2005-03-251Patrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorGood FridayGood Friday Afternoon Service 2005-03-25.mp3 1.8 MB
2005-03-252Fred FromanGood FridayGood Friday Afternoon Service 2005-03-25.mp3 1.9 MB
2005-03-254Jerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorGood FridayGood Friday Afternoon Service 2005-03-25.mp3 2.3 MB
2005-03-255Terry O'Brien, Administrative PastorGood FridayGood Friday Afternoon Service 2005-03-25.mp3 3.0 MB
2005-03-256Bob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayGood Friday Afternoon Service 2005-03-25.mp3 2.3 MB
2005-03-257Keith Kaynor, Missions PastorGood FridayGood Friday Afternoon Service 2005-03-25.mp3 3.0 MB
2005-03-25PMBob Johnson, Senior PastorGood FridayThe Heart of GolgothaRomans 5:6-82005-03-25.pdf 2005-03-25.mp3 3.6 MB0:31:00
2005-03-20AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Cross Centered MinistryI Corinthians 2:1-52005-03-20.pdf 2005-03-20.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2005-03-13AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Cross Driven ModelI Corinthians 1:26-312005-03-13.pdf 2005-03-13.mp3 6.5 MB0:55:00
2005-03-13PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansOpen Our Eyes LordEphesians 1:15-232005-03-13.pdf 2005-03-13.mp3 5.8 MB0:50:00
2005-03-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Cross Centered MethodI Corinthians 1:18-252005-03-06.pdf 2005-03-06.mp3 5.6 MB0:48:00
2005-03-06PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansPraise God For His TreasureEphesians 1:11-142005-03-06.pdf 2005-03-06.mp3 6.0 MB0:51:00
2005-02-27AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansA Cross Centered MessageI Corinthians 1:18-252005-02-27.pdf 2005-02-27.mp3 5.8 MB0:49:00
2005-02-27PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansPraise God For His PlanEphesians 1:9-102005-02-27.pdf 2005-02-27.mp3 5.4 MB0:46:00
2005-02-20AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansHouston, We've Got A Problem!I Corinthians 1:10-172005-02-20.pdf 2005-02-20.mp3 6.8 MB0:58:00
2005-02-20PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansPraise God For RedemptionEphesians 1:7-82005-02-20.pdf 2005-02-20.mp3 7.0 MB0:59:00
2005-02-13AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhat Is A Church Part 2I Corinthians 1:4-92005-02-13.pdf 2005-02-13.mp3 5.9 MB0:51:00
2005-02-13PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansPraise God For AdoptionEphesians 1:3-62005-02-13.pdf 2005-02-13.mp3 6.1 MB0:52:00
2005-02-06AMBob Johnson, Senior Pastor1 CorinthiansWhat Is A Church Part 1I Corinthians 1:1-32005-02-06.pdf 2005-02-06.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2005-02-06PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansPraise God For ElectionEphesians 1:3-62005-02-06.pdf 2005-02-06.mp3 5.1 MB0:44:00
2005-01-30AMPatrick McGoldrick, Associate PastorThe Potter and the ClayIsaiah 64:8 2005-01-30.mp3 4.9 MB0:42:00
2005-01-30PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansWhat You Were Made ForEphesians 1:1-3 2005-01-30.mp3 4.2 MB0:35:00
2005-01-23AMFred FromanJesus and the Little RascalsMark 10:13-16 2005-01-23.mp3 4.0 MB0:34:00
2005-01-23PMJerry Benge, Missionary to Ukraine & former associate pastorEphesiansChristian, Who In The World Are You? 2005-01-23.mp3 6.6 MB0:56:00
2005-01-16AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorReally Good NewsRomans 3:21-24 2005-01-16.mp3 6.6 MB0:57:00
2005-01-09AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorFor the Church, the World, and the Glory of GodJohn 13-17 2005-01-09.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00
2005-01-02AMBob Johnson, Senior PastorFinally HomeJohn 17:24-26 2005-01-02.mp3 5.5 MB0:47:00